Marriage amendment allies rewrite playbook

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON and ROSE FRENCH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 1, 2012 - 7:41 AM

Supporters have launched a more aggressive effort in Minnesota than campaigns in other states, particularly targeting General Mills.

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halfabubbleJun. 30, 1210:44 PM

Thank you for reminding me to donate to Minnesotans United for All Families.

AirForceGuyJun. 30, 1210:58 PM

An utterly meaningless boycott. I know Minnesota for Marriage likes to think MN is the center of the universe, it actually is not. General Mills sales have spiked considerably since they decided to support equal rights for ALL people instead of trying to appease the very narrow demographic of their customer base that is Christian AND homophobic. The amendment will get destroyed in November when it is resoundingly defeated...of course, I'm sure they'll insist that if voter ID would have been implemented such a result would have not been possible.

sincewhenJun. 30, 1211:03 PM

I skipped my purchase of Cheerios at Costco today. GM...I can live without you and your Wheaties too!

sjhuotJun. 30, 1211:33 PM

@sincewhen, I see your boycott and will double down. I will purchase twice as many General Mills product as usual, maybe triple. If gay marriage can hurt your marriage, you are already in trouble!

masqueanadieJun. 30, 1211:35 PM

I do not like corporations lobbying and endorsing candidates.

potter101Jun. 30, 1211:40 PM

sincewhenJun. 30, 1211:03 PM I skipped my purchase of Cheerios at Costco today. GM...I can live without you and your Wheaties too! ********************************You motivated me I'm going to buy what you didn't and buy another $100 of product to give to the food shelf, thanks for the motivation.

kkjerJun. 30, 1211:41 PM

I wish my fellow Catholics who back this amendment would realize that the bible was written by people who elieve the earth was flat, the sun revolved around the earth and coouldn't pass a 1st grade reading test today. The bible was not written by God, it was written by mortal humans that had little or no knowledge of science, math, or for that matter religion. It was written by people who believed in evil spirits, witches and were afraid if they didn't say the right things there heads would chopped of or they would be crucified. As we have seen throughout history the bible can be used for evil and can be used for good. It isn't being used for good by people who back the marriage amendment.

notastribfanJun. 30, 1211:47 PM

So people are boycotting dropping off GM products they purchased at the HQ. Ok...great strategy. Who wants to marry whom is the least of our concerns if these people represent half the state.

turgidJun. 30, 1211:58 PM

How is this different from Islamists trying to put their religion into a constitution?

currentiJul. 1, 1212:01 AM

If you're going to boycott companies which support same-sex marriages, do it right! You must, I repeat MUST, throw out all of your computers. Or else you're supporting the gay! Microsoft, Apple and IBM have all touted their support of deviousness, so you have to drop them all off at their respect HQ's. Also you can't take plane trips anywhere, because Boeing supports it as well! Same with American Airlines. While you're at it, Boeing is the world's second largest defense contractor, so we should all start protesting the military's equipment too!


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