Cities and counties cut jobs by thousands

  • Article by: KATIE HUMPHREY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 30, 2012 - 10:21 PM

As budget cuts force layoffs, the result is eroding public services.

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totaltruthJun. 30, 1210:12 PM


Lay off the cops... But do not lay off the many thousands of bureaucrats in our government who only job is to take up space and collect a paycheck!!!!!!!!!

The priorities of our government management is shortsighted and self-serving!!!!!

jbpaperJun. 30, 1210:14 PM

The problem is that cities always cut positions/services that affect the most people in order to get people to accept tax increases. There is plenty of positions that could be eliminated and very few, if anyone, would notice.

jbpaperJun. 30, 1210:20 PM

The article briefly mentioned technology changes. This should have a large impact on gov't staffing. With the internet and tings like auto pay, they can reduce the number of people that used to handle those tasks. Take auto pay for example, I don't have the actual number but I think it's safe to say that it eliminated thousands of bills coming into the city (Minneapolis) that had to be processed by hand. Now that it's all done electronically, you no longer need those employees.

Mplsuptown1Jun. 30, 1210:43 PM

I hope people enjoy the new standard, less taxes mean less services.

turgidJun. 30, 1211:47 PM

It's good to trim the fat, but I wonder how many of those people went from being taxpayers and consumers of goods and services in the local economy, to collecting unemployment, needing food stamps, Medicaid, heating assistance, section 8 housing, much are we really saving taxpayers by cutting these jobs?

copper88Jul. 1, 1212:00 AM

The shining legacy of the tax cuts we enacted at the beginning of the last decade. Maybe we can do better.

rpaa0168Jul. 1, 1212:47 AM

So someone please tell me how this is any different from what the private sector has gone through since the late 90's??? Really! How is this even a story? Other than it is an article about the AFSCME workers that are finally getting close to reality. Really?

rshacklefordJul. 1, 12 1:22 AM

Cities across the state have made thousands of changes to everyday routines -- some obvious to residents, some not -- as tight budgets have forced them to shed staff. "It's changing the quality of services," said Tim Flaherty, executive director of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities. ---- Exactly WHICH STAFF MEMBERS have been shed? The six figure pigs at the trough who get $120k a year plus a free car or the ones who really matter making $40k a year who actually do the work? In an article like this, when unfilled position titles are mentioned, I NEVER see top positions left unfilled. From governmental organization charts, I see people who are managers of three or four people. SERIOUSLY? Restructure please as a LOT of top positions could be eliminated and the survivors could easily supervise a larger combined employment force at the same wage. Thank you.

cricketedJul. 1, 12 1:38 AM

this is not the BIG government the repubs were talking about.The tea party was duped into thinking they actually wanted to cut spending when they really wanted less government at the higher levels like the E.P.A F.D A and O.S.H.A You know the big government that gets into their BUSINESS

april24Jul. 1, 12 2:03 AM

As evidenced by totaltruth's comment, there seems to be this myth, perpetuated by the right no doubt, that there are offices full of people who do nothing who are collecting paychecks. As the article shows, if that were ever the case, those people are long gone. The whole point of the article was to show that the cuts are soon/now effecting things people will notice. How can you be so stuck in ideology that you can read this article and completely miss that point?


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