Race is on to tame mercury poisoning

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 1, 2012 - 8:45 AM

Controlling the dangerous pollutant could have big consequences for the state's tourism and mining industries.

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freedumb86Jun. 30, 1210:44 PM

Mercury poisoning? Serioursly? I don't think there is enough science to conclude its dangers.

mikeeeJul. 1, 12 1:19 AM

Lets not forget to mention another huge source of Mercury is coming from the fluroescent light bulbs that are being pushed/forced on to the consumer in the name of "Green". Many are ending up in the garbage instead of being recycled and being burned in the garbage burning plants. Some of the mercury ends up going up the smokestack and contributing to the problem also. But we can't mention that because it is not politically correct.

sundialJul. 1, 12 8:21 AM

freedumb86: What scientific studies have you been reading to conclude there isn't enough evidence that mercury poisoning isn't a danger? Seriously.

solarnowJul. 1, 12 8:39 AM

mikeee - Good job raising awareness on fluorescents. It is illegal to toss fluorescents into the garbage. Folks should know this. Take them to your retailer, or county collection agency. If the mercury inside them is released, it's a negative for the environment. But it's less mercury than would have been released by powering an incandescent light bulb with coal-based electricity.

glore1Jul. 1, 12 9:31 AM

Glad to see that flags are being raised about the copper mining/mercury problem. Unfortunately, the "need more study" folks are at it again. The correct way to resolve this need is to require the mining folks to PROVE that no harm will come from their actions, rather than requiring those that are trying to protect the air & water that we all NEED for life to prove that harm will come from that mining. Their is no economic benefit that outweighs permanent clear harm to the food, water, and air we all need. It's also clear that copper mining will not ameliorate the problem either. By the way, the "clear science" being sought is old hat to the folks in Montana, Michigan, South America, and Australia -- places that have already proven that copper mining causes irreversible harm. Those places have all discovered that any economic boom and the mining companies are long gone before the bill comes due for all the harm they have caused. And that's what the copper mining is all about: make a buck and move on, let someone else pay for the damages.

daniel1956Jul. 1, 12 9:58 AM

I think that anyone who believes that we "need more study" or that there's "not enough science" to conclude that mercury is damaging people is mad as a hatter.

pitythefoolsJul. 1, 1210:09 AM

Shouldn't the Free Markets be left to address this? They always take care of such things, right?

Douglind33Jul. 1, 1210:21 AM

Let's make it clear that the legislature is in conscious denial over the sulfide mining issue. They are being held hostage by the mining indusry and the prospect of a couple hundred jobs in the mining biz. Expect nothing but fog, delay and fudging as the mining proposals work their way thru the morass.

braxozJul. 1, 1211:13 AM

daniel1956 Jul. 1,12 9:58 AM "I think that anyone who believes that we "need more study" or that there's "not enough science" to conclude that mercury is damaging people is mad as a hatter."____________daniell956 - You're way too subtle! Great post.

highlife75Jul. 1, 1211:29 AM

OMG is the a lead sinker that kid is using to fish!!!!!! We are all going to die!


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