Editorial cartoon: Voter ID hurdles

  • Article by: STEVE SACK , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 30, 2012 - 5:29 PM
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jbpaperJun. 30, 12 5:47 PM

Instead of having the GOP elephant on the clipboards, you should have the AFSCME logo since the only difficult part about getting an ID is dealing with incompetent government workers.

dewey666Jun. 30, 12 6:46 PM

This makes no sense at all. But, I guess when you have no good reasons to oppose voter ID, you go with outright lies.

getcrazyJun. 30, 12 7:50 PM

The cartoon displays exactly what the GOP is trying to do. My grandmother who was the daughter of a decorated WWI war veteran and had three brothers that fought in WW2 and had three sons that fought in Vietnam - (two of them died there) - she never drove a car or had an i.d. to vote. Neither did her mother or father. It is the position of the GOP that she should not have been able to vote nor her parents. No, she was a derelict without an id card. Worthless to the GOP, unpatriotic to the GOP, unworthy of casting a vote after paying all those taxes and raising sons that fought in wars. She should not be able to decide who represents her. She should not be able to vote. That is the position of the GOP. They believe she is not a real American. They want to keep her from voting.

jbpaperJun. 30, 1210:50 PM

getcrazy; My grandma never had license either, never saw an ID but cannot say for certain that she did not have one. However, she lived in a time when I could go to the store with one of her checks that she would fill out, except for the amount, and buy her groceries and get $20 cash back so she would have "a little spending money." Nowadays, even if she was there with me they wouldn't take the check without an ID. There are so many things you need an ID for that adding voting to the list isn't that much to ask.

usmc1127Jul. 1, 12 2:06 AM

Why can we now force somebody to buy health insurance, or face a $695 "tax," but somebody getting an $18 ID card is too much to ask and "disenfranchising?"

davehougJul. 1, 12 8:04 AM

It is the position of the GOP that she should not have been able to vote nor her parents. - - - Actually the GOP is asking her to get a FREE ID once in her lifetime. Who can buy anything with a friend saying "Yep that is John Doe"???

CarrieJ64Jul. 1, 12 8:11 AM

Voting is a right expressly guaranteed by our Constitution. Every obstacle put in front of voting is a reason someone somewhere who would have voted otherwise will not vote. I'm tired of the argument that you need an ID to cash a check. Do you know how many people don't have bank accounts? You don't need an ID to buy booze when you're 50 or 90. You don't need an ID to buy a house if you can't afford to buy a house. And, in at least two of my examples, you don't need an unexpired ID with a CURRENT address. That is the biggest hurdle for many of the elderly and transient. People who move around a lot may have an ID but it likely does not have the correct address on it. They may be moving again the week after the election. It is an extra hoop to ask them to go get the address on that ID updated to the current one. The elderly may have an ID from 10 years ago but its expired and they don't need a new one because they live in a home and never go out. Guess what? They have to go get an ID with a current address and date before they can exercise their Constitutional right to vote. To say this does not disenfranchise is as ridiculous. Just because you - who are middle class and drive to work every day - live a life that required an ID and have one does not mean that everyone else does.

CarrieJ64Jul. 1, 12 8:17 AM

usmc1127 - most of the people who will be affected the ACA fine are those who can afford health insurance but choose not to get it. The communities that will be most affected by Voter ID laws are not likely to be affected by the ACA fine. The elderly are all covered by Medicare - no fine. The young will mostly be covered on their parents' health care - again no fine. The indigent and most of the transient will be covered under Minnesota Care - no fine. The last bucket there are the folks least likely to be able to afford the $18 ID - but its not the $18 - its the trip down the DMV with their children to fill out a form saying they can't pay the $18 and then a second trip down to the DMV to get their Voter ID picked up. That's three trips just to vote. Now, what's the chance that indigent or transient person is actually going to do that? Last year, she could have proven herself at the polls and only made one trip to exercise her RIGHT to vote.

lawstarJul. 1, 12 9:28 AM

With a cartoon like this I have to ask myself which side of the voter id issue the Strib in on. Prior to this I thought it was on the side on ensuring the integrity of the vote. Now I am not sure.

getcrazyJul. 1, 12 2:03 PM

@davehoug--"Who can buy anything with a friend saying "Yep that is John Doe"???"----So basically under that line of thought your friends or neighbors should not be allowed to testify in your defense at a trial. If you don't trust your fellow Americans - the people in your own country - how on earth do get along when you travel outside our boundaries?


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