Nishioka is far, far away, in so many ways

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 1, 2012 - 10:05 AM

Tsuyoshi Nishioka arrived from Japan planning to play Major League Baseball in Minnesota. Now he's not in the majors and not in the state, and there's no sign he's going to be back any time soon.

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taxguy33Jun. 30, 12 9:44 PM

Sorry folks, I am better than him - and I played Div 2 college ball

fathof6Jun. 30, 1210:03 PM

Good story. Regardless of how good of a ballplayer he is, he has obviously gone through a difficult time in his life. For that, I wish him the best and really do hope his baseball skills come along and we see him in the big leagues in the future...even if he is on another team. taxguy33- Then you should sign a contract over in Japan and become an All Star! Let me know how that works out for you.

samihoustonJun. 30, 1210:15 PM

I hope he makes it. He has a wonderful attitude that makes me cheer for him.

taftjJun. 30, 1210:20 PM

You obviously wish the guy the best with any personal issues he has, be it a Twins player, or the guy on the street next to me I've never met...but he's just not a major league player...period, the Twins should buy him out in the off season and thank him for the effort - he's taking up a AAA roster spot that could otherwise be used by someone who has an actual shot at being a major league player

tollefbJun. 30, 1210:57 PM

I still hope Nishi can turn it around and help the team at some point in his career. But I am unable to comprehend how the team could have missed so badly on this one. Its not like this is a 17 year old kid; he had played professional ball for years. It's obviously a colossal failure by the team's scouts.

ActTwoJul. 1, 1212:00 AM

Combine this article with the one about Morneau not being tradeable due to his contract and Pohlads must be so proud of their front office!

IntoblivionJul. 1, 1212:49 AM

So, in closing, blame it all on the broken leg? Don't buy it, find some quality scouts.

kcchia80Jul. 1, 12 1:21 AM

taftj, there is no such thing as "buying out." The Twins owe him, what, $4.5 million from now until the end of the 2013 season, period. If they release him they still owe him that money, unless some foolish team were willing to pick him up on waivers before he went through. So they're better off just hanging on to him and seeing what he does. It's not like he's a 38-year-old hanging on. Age-wise, he could still develop into a viable major leaguer. Could ... just not sure if he will.

knight63Jul. 1, 12 2:05 AM

Yep, Nishi is far, far away.. And thats where he should stay. He is far, far, away from being a MLB caliber anything. I dont get it. How could all of these scouts blow this so badly? What did they see? Did they base their hope in Nishi on his performance in the Japanese league? (yes). Did they not realize that the league Nishi was playing in was akin to AA ball, at best? How would that qualify or translate into Nishi being ready to face major league arms? Or field major league grounders? It was so bad watching him in the field last year that it was, well, comical, really. He will never be MLB caliber talent. Get some new scouts.

alanam8Jul. 1, 12 4:59 AM

Terrific story. Well-written, informative, and poignant.


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