Brockovich hears Fridley's concerns

  • Article by: MAURA LERNER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 28, 2012 - 1:21 PM

Famed environmental crusader was invited to the city to address worries over chemicals and possible link to cancer cluster.

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stoneageJun. 27, 1210:11 PM

When asked how many were impacted by cancer, about half held up their hands. I wonder how many hands would be up if they asked how many smoked. I'll bet the smoking rate in Fridley is higher than the 7% increase in cancer.

rafannonJun. 27, 1210:57 PM

My aunt lived on the border of Heights/Fridley and died in 1995 of lung cancer and never smoked a day in her life. My mom died of Parkinson's disease in 2010.. Neither had worked outside the home.. didnt smoke or drink anything beside milk, water or soda..

garagewineJun. 27, 1211:11 PM

@stoneage There hasn't been an increase in cancer rates. The initial claim was that cancer rates in Fridley were 7% higher than statewide rates. This does not consider the type of cancer or, like you mentioned, take into account variations in smoking rates or other behavioral or environmental risk factors. Good to know she's already threatening a lawsuit, though.

wildfoxJun. 27, 1211:22 PM

Bottom line: If you are exposed to chemicals you will develop cancer or other diseases. So remember that next time you treat you lawn with weed killers, grab a can of raid and spray in your home or eat non organic food.

mglovettJun. 28, 1212:01 AM

If you live long enough, you will die. It just might be cancer.

anderson245Jun. 28, 1212:21 AM

And to think the Republican presidential candidates, including "W" Mitt Romney, want to get rid of the EPA. One thing to remember, all this pollution occurred before the EPA and other pollution agencies were enacted into law. Just think what would've happened to our communities and our drinking water without government getting in the way of corporations polluting our air, our soil, and our drinking water. Remember that the next time a Republican opens their mouth and says "We need to get government out of the way and off our backs." Just whose back do they want to get government off of and what consumer protection do they want to destroy?

rshacklefordJun. 28, 1212:43 AM

"City and state officials have said that they began monitoring and cleaning up the sites three decades ago and that the drinking water has remained within safe levels." ---- That's untrue. Riverfront Regional Park had numerous injection wells installed NOT three decades ago! More like only 10 years ago. Inquire as to what is being injected into that park's soil as an attempted bandaid. Commissioner Kordiak knows what it is as it is his district and he approved the project. Back in the day, that exact same area was a 'public gardening' area courtesy of FMC. How nice for the government to allow gardening on soil that is now clearly recognized as contaminated (were the gardeners guinea pigs?). Start with that park and find the people who have used it over the many years, Brockovich. Worse, the entire Rice Creek, as it travels through Anoka County (ie Fridley), is contaminated. I have walked down the embankment behind Medtronic to have lunch and the creek looks like hell. cc: Brockovich

minn12Jun. 28, 12 1:42 AM

Oh please. A washed up 'celebrity' desperately trying to reclaim her lost 'fame'. Only problem is, the so-called case that made her famous turned out to be a total hoax. Subsequent tests proved there was no 'cancer cluster', and in fact, the cancer rates for that area were proven to be LESS than would be expected. Too bad an 'evil corporation' was forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars based on a complete fraud. Never ceases to amaze me how the liberal sheep just don't care about real facts. All you have to do is simply go look it up.

marcus100254Jun. 28, 12 6:11 AM

minn12... never ceases to amaze me how many right wingers will believe anything they read in order to counter anything put forth by the left. So, your proof of what you claim can be found where?? Fact or fiction? I lived in Fridley from 67 to 79 (12 yrs old to 24 yrs) in 77 was diagnosed with cancer and went on a 3 year battle to survive via surgeries and chemo. The former FMC mfg site is/was heavily polluted as well as other heavy industrial sites within the city limits. I was an on/off very light smoker, but mine wasnt lung cancer. Ramsey cty drew water out of the river right in my neighborhood, and I cant remember where the fridley draw site was. I never could verify what may have caused my type of cancer and neither could my doctors, but some types are verifiable. At any rate, with corporate ownership of the court system in this country, I find it highly unlikely that PG&E would shell out unless in this case they absolutely had to to, its more likely to me that the claims were true. Do you even know what hexavalent chromium is minn12????

totaltruthJun. 28, 12 6:12 AM

Brockovich - ""I don't have all the information""

Funny... You do not seem to have ANY answers... But rather use a lot of innuendos, rhetoric and propaganda in your attempts to make a point...

By the way... What is she even doing here in the first place?????


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