Editorial cartoon: Mitt's papers

  • Article by: STEVE SACK , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 26, 2012 - 9:44 PM
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william2mnJun. 26, 12 7:50 PM

I LOVE IT. Yes, Mitt, show us your papers on immigration. You stood up proud and loud during the Republican Debates and proclaimed that the Arizona law is a MODEL for the country, that illegals should Self-Deport - and now you are unable to say those same words?

comment229Jun. 27, 12 5:03 AM

A question to the four "thumbs down" voters.... Why? This is what he has said... this is what he would do... this is what he thinks and I am sure it has Grover's approval. Romney has this way of saying what people want to hear, when it is a convenient truth. He is a lot like Scott Walker of Wisconsin. You better ask a whole bunch of follow up questions and dig a little deeper to find out what both of them are all about. The worst part is that many people who are going to vote for Romney, are the people he is going to turn around and kick as hard as he can and they have not figured that out yet, because they can only see outrage for Obama. It's a sad fact in politics in America.

angel123Jun. 27, 1210:23 AM

i am mexican-american yet i can understand the frustration of other americans. we have our borders and they should be respected. unfortunately, we are connected to a country that has many problems and if your children are hungry, need a roof over their heads, you might cross over to find some work too and take the ridicule, scorn, racist remarks some mexicans receive. heck, mexicans that were born here received the same disrespect. my mom was from texas and she had to sit in the back of the bus too. that said, i believe some of these mexican nationals should be sent home. some have dealt in crimes, cheated our welfare systems, it is easy to catch them if they have a false social security number, or a 25 year old man with no social security number? also the dream act. my sons had to work to go to school. we didn't receive help because we parents made enough to afford school, according to the guidelines. their parents knew the siutation when they came here, they already receive free education. if they want a higher education they have to work for it too. they should not get help. sorry, but fair is fair and i am not afraid of my opinions. i love mexico, my family there. but if choose to live there i would not receive any help. so have a partial dream act. if you go to a higher education, pay for it yourself, finish school, then maybe, with no police record, you can apply and pay for a lawyer, to help like the rest of legal mexicans here. no you should not get any help. i have a lot of thoughts, maybe will finish later. mexicans that are born here should receive help first. life is not fair, and if you want to live your "dream" then you have to work like heck for it. no favors. your favor is being able to stay no matter how long or until you finish your obligations.

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