Bachmann: Pop-culture punching bag?

  • Article by: KRISTIN TILLOTSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 25, 2012 - 3:19 PM

Rep. Michele Bachmann has receded a bit from the national political spotlight, but not from detractors in Hollywood.

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eurotravelerJun. 25, 1211:36 PM

Rep. Bachmann gets singled out because she opens her mouth, and the most bizarre and ludicrous statements emerge from it. Has nothing to do with her looks.

sarahanneJun. 26, 12 1:15 AM

I guess the editorial page was filled so they moved this op-ed to another section.

rangesonJun. 26, 12 6:36 AM

Ms. Tillotson: You don't think it has anything to do with the fact that every time she says something in public, she eithers LIES, or she totally gets her facts wrong? Oh, and I just LOVE it when her supporters pull out the "but she's attractive" card. Who gives a rat's patootey about her looks?

gressman5Jun. 26, 12 8:20 AM

Everytime she speaks she does more to hurt any cause she speaks of than to help. Makes for good you tube viewing though.

dogfishJun. 26, 12 9:34 AM

Supporters (neighbors of mine) in the 6th District, like to point out, "I love Michelle because she drives liberals crazy, hahaha." She doesn't drive me crazy, she's simply a do nothing congresswoman, who's does nothing for the 6th district, except promote herself, and make herself rich. She decries Washington and government, yet it has made her a millionaire almost overnight. She accepts 10s of thousands in taxpayer paid farm subsidies, yet rails against "earmarks" for projects in her own district that would put people to work. I could understand if she truly were a Ron Paul type, an outsider really seeking to change things, but she's not. She's a self promoter who does nothing but line her own pockets. She says things to rile people up, but there is NEVER any follow through, it's all hype, and soundbites so she can get on Fox news, and keep ringing the till.

jose2292Jun. 26, 1210:09 AM

@dogfish says 'Supporters (neighbors of mine) in the 6th District, like to point out, "I love Michelle because she drives liberals crazy, hahaha."' I am probably one of those liberals she drives crazy, but probably not for the reasons those conservatives suspect. I am driven crazy by Michele Bachmann because I have such a hard time believing anyone would take her seriously. She is such a caricature... It's like she's a character from "The Simpsons."

xanabellaJun. 26, 1210:50 AM

If this is supposed to be an objective articlle, it reads much more like an op-ed. Painting a picture of Rep Bachmann as a victim in the world of "pop-culture" attempts to delegitimize the real reasons why she's earned a metaphorical bullseye on her forehead. Her propensity to play fast and loose with facts and history, her absenteeism and disinterest for her district whenever an opportunity for shameless self-promotion avails itself, her stepford wife persona that spews intolerance from a facade of piety. Her McCarthyesque comments about investigating an "un-American" congress, Her hypocrisy with convervative ideals whilst plunging into debt and deficit spending on her own ill-conceived candidacy. This is simply a chicken and egg argument, Rep Bachmann created the persona that lends itself to parody and ridicule way before "pop culture" jumped on board. The media and popular culture didn't make her a "punch line", she did that all by herself

mohawk1953Jun. 26, 1211:05 AM

"She created a vivid picture in those presidential debates as the only woman doing just fine against the men," Janecek said. "With her perfect looks plus her ideology, in the age of celebrity, she became one." She was in the presidential debates that nobody watched and dropped out without ever being a serious threat to anyone. Yup, she did really fine against the men. It was perfect timing for the release of her book though...

mylittleidJun. 26, 1212:09 PM

Nearly every time her statements are fact-checked, they turn out to have no basis in reality. Bachmann works hard to earn our disrespect, and we would be remiss not to give it to her.

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