Man wins last-minute appeal to distribute Bibles at Pride

  • Article by: JIM ADAMS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 25, 2012 - 11:19 AM

Brian Johnson says he's been spreading "the love of Jesus Christ" at Pride fest since 1995.

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reidJun. 24, 1210:21 PM

Yup, talk about Jesus' love, and believe that being bigoted about homosexuality is just A-OK 'cause it says something in a 4000 year old book about it. I sure wish he'd read the second half. A lot more helpful in how to love someone and help the poor, downtrodden and socially oppressed. The only part of the Christian bible that speaks against homosexuality is the old part, not one word about it in the new part, which by it's own proclamation was to bring the world a new way. Why is it that those who oppose homosexuality choose to believe the only part of the bible that supports their view on the world?

ivaro3Jun. 24, 1210:21 PM

I would tell Mr. Johnson that the love of Jesus does not include either the obvious hatred of the James Dobsons of the world, nor the subtle hatred of "God loves the sinner but hates the sin," which has been an evangelical cliche for decades now.

janelle3Jun. 24, 1210:58 PM

I can understand why Pride wouldn't want him down there if he's preaching/pushing anti-gay views. But unless he's using homophobic slurs or threatening people, he probably has a constitutional right. The only way Pride could get around this is to hold the event on private property or charge admission(they don't, do they?) Then it becomes a private event and you can keep anyone out you want. I believe Duluth had a similar case about a Christmas festival.

ejbonnJun. 24, 1211:10 PM

To Reid. You really have to read your Bible. Romans 1 in the New Testament is simply as clear as the Bible can ever be that homosexuality is contrary to what God intends. Please read the chapter. Romans is often looked at as the Gospel in a nutshell and yet it sheds the clearest picture that there can be on what God wants us to know about this lifestyle.

arielbenderJun. 24, 1211:14 PM

ndsulakesJun. 24, 1210:11 PM so gay people dont like the bible huh? 150,000 promoting gays, thankfully there is 1.815 million that dont in minnesota.____________You've spoken to all 1.8?

sjhuotJun. 24, 1211:22 PM

He should be able to distribute the Bible wherever he wants. That's what free speech is about. And, others should be able to distribute their literature as well at various venues. One thing I am concerned about is that in the name of "national security," we are restricting protesters (regardless of what side they are on) to small, fenced in areas where they can essentially only talk to themselves (e.g. at political conventions).

humblemonkJun. 24, 1211:51 PM

Let the guy pass out bibles if he wants to. Even if a few people are offended, as long as he's not harrassing, or coersing or being violent, we should honor his right to free speach out of respect for a right that we all can enjoy. Then in the court of public opinion, the truth of the matter will come to light in all good time. As GLBT people, we need not fear those who oppose us but can stand firm in the sure knowledge of the rightiousness our our cause for full equality for all.

jamue11eJun. 25, 1212:36 AM

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. This guy is loving every minute of free press for his cause he gets. My advice to the folks who plan the Pride festival; let him have a booth. At least it keeps him on one place and not wandering about the park all day. With that booth, put strict stipulations. If he breaks them, then you should be able to boot him, legally. They do after all pay the city for a permit to rent the park out for the festivities. This guy knows he has the courts behind him, so beat him at his own game. Hit him where it really hurts, the pocket book. Clean him out of all his literature ASAP in the morning. Then, he will be stuck sitting all day, with nothing to hand out, and can't wander about the park, because he has paid for a booth. Be creative in dealing with folks who are a thorn in your side. Be a thorn back. Move on. This guy just makes Pride organizers look like they are discriminating. He is beating you right now. Next year, don't give him the free press.

BUDJun. 25, 1212:43 AM

How many Bibles did he hand out? He really isn't going to garner a lot of interest. First of all, they are there for fun, unification, and a sense of comradery. If they want religion they will start out their Sunday in church. Being gay isn't a choice. My nephew told me he'd never choose to be beat up and spit on. He was a fantastic man and he deserved the respect any child of God should.

steavis61067Jun. 25, 1212:44 AM

If the KKK, Westboro Church, the New Black Panthers, and whoever else that is offensive to me, can have free speech, then a lone guy with bibles among all those people can have free speech, too. As long as he's not harassing anyone (and a shirt that says free bibles is NOT harassment), then who cares?


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