Prisoner dies after denial of care

  • Article by: PAUL McENROE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 9, 2012 - 10:28 AM

Citing "protocols," a nurse turned away an ambulance despite multiple seizures.

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uptownbred63Jun. 24, 1210:54 PM

Maybe we should all look at who's in prison and why. We contract with private companies to house our prisoners? I didn't know that. Our justice system is broke and it needs repair. Let's only imprison violent people. No more drug charges. Legalize them and if people want to kill themselves then they can. Our prison ssytem is laughable to the rest of the world and this is an example of why. No treatmet for 27 year old? This is going to cost us. Adding substantially to a bill that is entirely to large already. And, is it immoral to have a justice system that is as discriminatory as it is?

xorcistJun. 24, 1210:59 PM

This is what happens when we allow any aspect of the criminal justice system to be handed over to for-profit corporations.

With the state having no standards in place for caring for the inmates, and no real oversight, these companies are allowed to cut corners in every way possible to pad their bottom line, regardless of the consequences.

No doubt it will cost the State a lot of money to settle this Federal lawsuit, and rightly so. But they could have saved that money buy not outsourcing their responsibility to a private company with no regard for the people their responsible for managing.

forpeopleJun. 24, 1211:01 PM

That nurse killed Mr. Scullark-Johnson. She should be arrested and imprisoned for homicide. Under no circumstances should she ever, ever be allowed to hold any position in healthcare again.

herbalteaJun. 25, 1212:01 AM

He was sentenced to do time, and doing time is supposed to be the punishment...not death.

erikj3Jun. 25, 1212:16 AM

No one should die because a for-profit company wants to make more money. Unfortunately, that happens far too often in the US (especially with our broken healthcare system).

threed61Jun. 25, 1212:20 AM

I hope Nurse Garin's license is being reviewed.

BUDJun. 25, 1212:24 AM

28 million dollars a year and that's the best they can do? That nurse should not be working with people. Or dogs for that matter. Her sense of respect for human beings is not there. Money output should not be important while lives are at stake. Over ruling a doctors call and cancelling an ambulance. I don't get her idea of healing and taking care of people in need. He was nothing but paper work to her.

northbordersJun. 25, 1212:38 AM

I, too, found this case very troubling and terrible. As stated earlier, only the Corizon corporation cared about its bottom line (and more profits for them). 28 mil and they still don't have 24 hour coverage for medical personnel at each prison in the state? Reprehensible.

louloubelleJun. 25, 1212:43 AM

I don't know what authority the nurse held to cancel the 911 ambulance. Makes no sense. The ambulance should have required her to sign against medical advice form....They had probably already waited to long by the time the first ambulance came. But it sounds like she had no grounds to turn them away.

scavengersJun. 25, 1212:46 AM

Nurse Denise L. Garin should have her license revoked. As a volunteer working with offenders I hear these kind of stories all the time. Prisoners need medical attention, and they are given the minimum of care. Outsourcing medical care to the lowest bidder is not the way to go.


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