In Minneapolis, across the nation, tens of thousands march for gay pride

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  • Updated: June 24, 2012 - 11:44 PM

On a beautiful summer day, tens of thousands turned out to watch the floats, the fun and a lot of political expression at the 2012 Pride Parade along Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis on Sunday.

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ivaro3Jun. 24, 1210:07 PM

My brother has it right. Being gay or not being gay is not an issue for him, as it would be if we got our act together on this issue.

mglovettJun. 24, 1210:39 PM

"Tens of thousands March to Support Gay Pride" I am a little confused people are marching to support others pride? I thought pride was in your make up, you should march to promote what someone might be proud of? I am proud of my daughter, she has pride can we have a parade? I think many marched in support of gay rights, in opposition to gay oppression, but to support gay pride? a bit silly

uptownbred63Jun. 24, 1210:44 PM

Wow! What a party. It would be a much better world if we would all love each other for what we are instead of what is expected. My daughter (15 y/o) wanted to go and we went with her. We should be more concerned with war and drones, pollution and overpopulation instead of someone's sexual orientation. Work hard, pay taxes, be a good citizen, and I don't care who you sleep with. Being a good person should be what matters. I know a lot of gay people and guess what, I like most of them. Just like my straight friends.

kd5757Jun. 24, 1210:55 PM

Thank God for our younger generation. Throughout history, there seems to be a corrective process by which backwards and bigoted thinking is diminished in society. In the 1970's, I remember a relative becoming upset with his college-age niece because she was "caught" talking to a black person. The niece and I didn't understand what the big deal was and had no intention of avoiding black people. Similarily, our younger generation today, including young evangelicals and young republicans, don't understand what the big deal is with same-sex marriage. They apparently are finding the arguments of some of their elders who are opposed to same-sex marriage lacking any merit. It's comforting to again see how the mechanism of social justice works.

gyroboyJun. 24, 1211:00 PM

Can we have a Hetero Pride day too? I know I will be down arrowed here, but how is a sexual preference or to put it another way, how I use my genitalia something to be proud about? Gay or straight matters not to me, but when I see a vocal, often times rude and abusive (see the idiots at the white house flipping off the painting of Reagan) minority, standing in the public square expecting to be venerated, I'm irritated.

martytoilJun. 24, 1211:17 PM

gyroboy--Perhaps if people were trying to pass laws that discriminated against heteros, then you should also have a parade.

cuso26Jun. 25, 1212:10 AM

@martytoil - perhaps you've heard of the abortion battles? Pretty hetero topic there, don't you think since it takes heterosexuals to get pregnant and you're not going to abort a baby you made via insemination. Think broader.

gyroboyJun. 25, 1212:13 AM

Martytoil, I see it as a law FOR marriage as it has been. They are free to marry, just not a person of the same sex. I can't marry 2 women, should I feel discriminated against, because really I've seen a few I'd like to add to the house hold. Civil unions answer all the questions that a gay couple has. Marriage by DEFINITION is and should be one man and one woman. I find it ridiculous that we need to have an amendment to a state constitution to declare the obvious. This is NOT analogous to the plight of blacks or woman of the past but many would have you think so.

arielbenderJun. 25, 1212:27 AM

gyroboyJun. 24, 1211:00 PM Can we have a Hetero Pride day too?__________That's called Mardi Gras or Spring Break in any warm weather're welcome.

kd5757Jun. 25, 12 6:48 AM

"This is NOT analogous to the plight of blacks or woman of the past but many would have you think so."....It's absolutely analagous. In the past, black people were considered biologically inferior to white people and women were considered biologically inferior to men. Both groups had fewer rights at the time and fought like heck to get them. Gay people are seen as being biologically inferior to heterosexuals because of their sexual orientation, which one does not choose according to main stream science. For those that say gay people should marry people of the opposite sex, they are basically advocating sham marriages that lead to divorce, infidelity, etc. So much for the sanctity of marriage argument.


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