Economic punch of Target Field tailing off

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 25, 2012 - 12:45 PM

Tax revenue is down, but new ballpark is still a good draw to downtown restaurants and bars.

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steavis61067Jun. 24, 1210:44 PM

Shorten it a bit and add a "close personal friend" reference, this reads like a Sid article. All kidding aside, very informative.

RossbergJun. 24, 1210:55 PM

So, to no one's surprise, a few nearby businesses are showing an increase in revenues and the state sales tax collections are up a bit due to the ballpark. Now explain how that justifies forcing the citizens of Hennepin County to pay for the entire facility. As with all of these projects, including now the Vikings stadium, we get told that we will reap untold riches if we "invest" in them. The reality is that the only ones who actually benefit are the teams, a few bar and restaurant owners and the egos of politicians.

alngdcmbrJun. 24, 1211:12 PM

Perhaps the Twins having the worst record in the America League has an impact too.

arielbenderJun. 24, 1211:16 PM

Playing 82 games a year spread out over 7 days a week makes a lot more economic sense to a local business than 8 games a year, primarily on a Sunday.

brokenclockJun. 24, 1211:27 PM

So let me see if I understand this. After all the propaganda about what an economic boom this stadium was going to produce, the metro area is on the hook for a half billion dollar stadium for 18.6 million dollars in tax revenue. That means we'll break even in 30 years, assuming the stadium lasts that long. Not only that, state revenue officials, downtown vendors and the Twins can't say for sure what the impact has really been. Soon we'll be reading these same stories about the Vikings stadium. To commemorate this economic boom, we need a bar downtown called Screwed, Blued and Tattooed.

drudgemonkeyJun. 24, 1211:29 PM

That 2.4M at the Dome in the final year is misleading. Why? We were all trying to gain seating preference for seats at Target Field the following year by buying season tickets in 2008 and 2009 at the Metrodome. Bad year at the Metrodome was 1.8M in attendance. A bad year at Target is going to be around 2.2-2.3M. As Reusse said, Target Field put a floor under Twins minimum attendance. (And it was as little as 600K for a season at the Met, so let's not have any nostalgia for that dump).

duckys66Jun. 24, 1211:42 PM

***Now explain how that justifies forcing the citizens of Hennepin County to pay for the entire facility.*** Did you read the article? Did you do the math or did you not want to take your socks off? Taxes INSIDE the stadium (that is what these numbers are about) are going to top $300 million by themselves over the life of the stadium (and that is conservative). That's just inside the stadium. Doesn't include hotels, restaurants and bars in the surrounding area or how those thriving businesses raise property values (thus property taxes). The reason the politicians passed both the Twin's and the Vikes stadium is because they knew not doing it would be more expensive when those areas of downtown MPLS rotted. MLB and NFL stadiums are profitable to the cities and states in which they reside...that's why every large city in the country is willing to pay to have them in their city. Pretty easy to figure that out when you just do the simple math and don't let your politics blind you. I wish we had a crystal ball to show you anti-stadium advocates the decay that would be downtown MPLS and how that would effect the local and state economy if both the Vikes and the Twins left. At least our politicians that OK'ed these decisions did the research instead of being completely blinded by misguided political ideology.

AirForceGuyJun. 24, 1211:53 PM

THAT'S BECAUSE THERE IS NO ECONOMIC BENEFIT OF HAVING A PRO SPORTS TEAM. No one reading this can produce a single credible study that shows cities with pro sports teams have better economic health than cities that do not. It's just a fact. An indisputable FACT. Enjoy the taxes sports fans and the various leagues have essentially forced everyone else to pay for nothing in return. Well done. In 10-15 years both the Vikings and Twins will come begging for new stadiums again too. 100% guarantee.

diogenesnyJun. 24, 1211:55 PM

Has anybody calculated how much of this is due to the subpar teams the Twins have been fielding?

raymodjJun. 25, 1212:14 AM

What irritates me isn't when (or if) the break even point will be. It's that the Twins said they needed this stadium to compete FINANCIALLY. Well, they've been raking in the dough, and this team is worse than the truely bad dome teams of the early 80s. I wouldn't be surprised if they bring back Ron Davis or Tommy (the no hit man) Herr.


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