Hard choice for workers in lengthy lockout

  • Article by: MIKE HUGHLETT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 23, 2012 - 6:51 PM

After 10 months off their jobs at Crystal Sugar, 1,300 union members voted Saturday on a contract they rejected last year.

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totaltruthJun. 22, 12 9:50 PM

""Outside Crystal Sugar’s plant in Crookston, 38-year employee Marc LaPlante jeered replacement workers""

It should be the replacement worker who is jeering the striker...

The replacement worker is working full time... The replacement worker is making a good salary with good benefits... The replacement worker is supporting his family....

What has the striker got to show for the last year... Other than loss of wages and self respect for voting down a lucrative contract!!!!

totaltruthJun. 22, 12 9:54 PM

""It's just plain union busting what they want to do.""

With a huge increase of pay and benefits refused... It seems that the strikers are the ones who are busing their own union!!!

Tough to feel sorry for people who knowingly undermine themselves.

drfranktJun. 22, 12 9:54 PM

It was a fair contract offered then and it's a fair contract offered now. There's been plenty of talk about the "greedy rich" onthese posts, but the facts are the people that have put their money and lives at risk are the ones that deserve the profits. Those that work for them are already receiving their just rewards...a job, a paycheck for the work pperformed and benefits!

Truckman182Jun. 22, 1210:00 PM

Great job union. It will take 10 years of pay increases for your members to make up what they lost in the lockout.

Rich39371Jun. 22, 1210:18 PM

It's really ahame you need to pay some idot to speak for you. Tell the union to go to hxxx and speak for your self. Put that money you pay those idiots in your pocket.

schlar01Jun. 22, 1210:39 PM

$40K per year for an uneducated line position.....BEFORE overtime. OK, you are striking because ???? Unreal. That is not a great wage but $20+ per hour is pretty good for people who likely don't have a lot of education or options. If you want $70K per year you need to actually justify it. Shocking for unions, I know, but that is how the real world works.

Herman MunsterJun. 22, 1210:53 PM

"jobs would be filled and workers would advance not on seniority, but on management's judgment of who's best qualifed." Wanting to promote by merit and not simply by how long a person has worked there is indefensible. Promoting people because they deserve it by actually being good at their job, working harder than the next person, or bettering their skills through education is preposterous. EVERYONE knows that time on the job is the only thing that really matters.

ndrep30Jun. 22, 1211:08 PM

What are the union people looking or asking for? I just don't get it! In ND rural areas a $20+ an hour job would be a windfall!

diogenes99Jun. 22, 1211:52 PM

No sympathy for these greedy workers. They have two people to blame: Themselves and the union official they believed.

chuckdancerJun. 22, 1211:53 PM

If the company has worked with this union and its workers for many decades I would like to know specifically what has changed that makes their actions necessary at this particular time. The company guy mentions managing financials but it seems like turning over job assignments to managers was the deal breaker for workers. If the system is broken now how did they build the company with it in place for many decades? To me it looks like a powerplay by the company. Tell me why it isn't.


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