Key Minnesota pastors opt out of marriage fight

  • Article by: ROSE FRENCH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 21, 2012 - 9:34 AM

They decline to advise their flocks on how to vote on the amendment.

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mmcfetrJun. 20, 1210:57 PM

Do not count the number of Catholics in the state and assume they will vote as a bloc. Just as the majority of Catholics use birth control, many will not align with the church in the voting booth on this amendment. Love our GLBT children, siblings, friends so much.

justusecnnJun. 20, 1211:00 PM

Rose, thanks for the time you put into this article, writing, interviewing people etc. But you could have just opened a bible and that would have given you the position these two pastors, or any evangelic pastor. I hope others do the same.

blatherskiteJun. 20, 1211:04 PM

"They decline to advise their flocks on how to vote on the amendment." ----- That's alright, they shouldn't. Once tied into state via vote item or law, it becomes secular. It's then a secular status. They can refuse to wed same sexes in their churches but outside of a church wedding it will be hard to maintain. The constitution itself will defeat it. Amendment or not. Once an amendment it becomes subject to repeal. That will be the end for such thought.

mplssellJun. 20, 1211:08 PM

ELCA have become Advocates for Homosexual Marriage. Too bad half of their members left & the Foreign Countries which they serve as missionaries declare homosexual activity as illegal. ELCA painted themselves into a closet.

fatherofsonsJun. 20, 1211:22 PM

Conservative Separation of Church and State and simple civility or God's Love and teachings. Pick your guide. Same outcome. Vote down this hate filled political stunt. .... Leviticus 19:18 Love they neighbor as thy self. (Yes, that good old book that tells you to not eat bacon or shave your beard) Luke 10:27 Love they neighbor as thy self. And, Acts 10, 11, 15 Do not call profane that which I have made.

kd5757Jun. 20, 1211:31 PM

Religions have every right to reject same sex marriage within the confines of their churches. However, they have no right to enter the public sector and force others to accept their beliefs. Like other civil rights issues, same sex marriage will ultimately be settled through the court system. The courts will have to decide if there are any legitimate reasons to deny same sex marriage. Since there are no secular reasons, the odds favor the legalization of same sex marriage and then we can all move on.

sjhuotJun. 20, 1211:32 PM

As a Catholic, it makes my blood boil when I hear mention of the "Marriage Amendment" during Mass. Sorry, but naked politics does not belong in a church service. I don't care if the priest advocates for the amendment outside of Mass, but politics should be kept out of that sacred ceremony. And I'm disgusted by the Bishops using the ACA to gin up a phony "War on Religion." Just like the "War on Christmas" and the "War on Women," it is just political spin. In the case of the Bishops, it almost seems designed to take the heat off them for their clumsy response to the sexual abuse scandal and their inexplicable disrespect for Nuns, who do some of the best (and most Christ-like) work of the Church.

nopensionJun. 21, 1212:18 AM

The War on Women isn't a political stunt. The GOP really does have a "War on Women".

padmanJun. 21, 1212:44 AM

Utterly shocked by this and Pastor Piper's lack of leadership! I've lost respect!

mchristiJun. 21, 12 2:33 AM

Mplssell, the ELCA hasn't come anywhere near loosing half its members and your description of the denomination is distorted enough it bears no resemblance to the truth. The ELCA does, however, continue to bear witness to the love of God to all of the beloved children of God, including those who happen to be gay or lesbian. This is as it should be for any church, seeking to bring to life the gospel which brings us all a radical gift of grace.


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