Editorial: A humane reprieve for young immigrants

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  • Updated: June 18, 2012 - 10:16 PM

Stopping deportations is right thing, but method questionable.

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ronniereaganJun. 18, 1211:38 PM

Sorry but ends do not justify the means. Presidents cannot unilaterally create laws which is exactly what President Obama did. Don't try to get cute with this executive order or partial enforcement of an existing law- what President did was unconstitutional. In a tape interview back Sept. 2011- President directly told us that he did not have the power to unilaterally implement the Dream Act. Now what changed??? The election and the need for Hispanic votes. Hey Liberals- it is called legislative process- Congress proposes and passes a bill. The president signs it and enforces it. President Bush actually tried to pass a form of the Dream Act and unfortunately it got shot down and he was pummeled by critics over it. Finally- The president had a super majority in the Congress and controlled the house for TWO YEARS. He could of got this bill passed without Republicans. If is was "the right thing to do" as President Obama claimed- why didn't he do it when he had control of the Congress? Imagine if Bush tried this.........

oreganojoeJun. 19, 12 1:12 AM

The parents broke the law and to move the children to the front of the line is immoral and unfair to every legal immigrant in this country or those seeking entry.

david62Jun. 19, 12 6:13 AM

oreganojoe says: "The parents broke the law and to move the children to the front of the line is immoral and unfair" ------ You have your information mixed up. What our President is doing is temporarily halting deportation of these kids who are caught in limbo for actions they had no control over and allowing them temporary work visas. They are not "in line" for any type of citizenship, let alone at the "front of the line." Temporary work visas are routinely given to immigrants who have filed certain petitions with the immigration service because it takes our understaffed and overburdened immigration service so long to process many types of petitions. Someone's petition may ultimately be denied, but they are allowed to work in order to support themselves while the petition is being processed. Children who were brought here by their parents and who do not meet the criteria for filing a petition (which is almost all of them)are stuck in limbo and should not be punished for the sins of their parents. What President Obama is doing is smart. The limited resources of the our immigration service should not be spent chasing after and deporting kids who have done nothing wrong themselves. Those resources should be spend tracking down and deporting adults who have committed criminal acts. That is exactly what our President is doing -- using our limited resources smartly and, at the same time, being compassionate toward young people who are stuck in a bad spot through no fault of their own.

regionguyJun. 19, 12 7:18 AM

Anyone know of a good source of information on how this program compares to those of other countries who have a significant non-citizen component of their population?

kleindropperJun. 19, 12 8:33 AM

This isn't about the policy, it's about an abuse of power by the President. He took an oath to uphold the laws of this country so ignoring them aint gonna cut it.

breasonableJun. 19, 12 9:28 AM

two wrongs never made a right....everybody has an excuse why the law does not apply to them..800,000 more people here competing against real citizens for the jobs...this is absolute madness in so many ways.

david62Jun. 19, 12 9:56 AM

kleindropper says: "He took an oath to uphold the laws of this country so ignoring them aint gonna cut it." ---- Some people are so anti-immigrant that they can no longer use logic when it comes to that subject. There is no possible way that our Immigration Service could deport every person here illegally. There are simply too many and our Immigration Service does not have the staff, the facilities, or the funding. So, if you can only seek out and deport a certain number of illegal immigrants, why wouldn't you go after criminals instead of kids who haven't done anything wrong and that future legislation may give a path to citizenship? It only makes sense to focus our limited immigration enforcement resources on those who are most dangerous. Our President is still enforcing the law, but he is doing it is a way that makes sense for our safety and our resources. If we had unlimited immigration enforcement staff, facilities, and budget, you may have a point, but we do not. Our President is not saying he will not "uphold the law" and deport illegal immigrants (on the contrary, in 3 years he has deported close to as many as Bush did in 8 years), he is saying he will use our limited resources to deport those who are a danger to society and not to deport kids who got a bad break. Our President is upholding the law and in a smart way.

lsteidlJun. 19, 1210:07 AM

Don't get your undies in a bunch. The INS does not have unlimited resources. Even if they ignore all the people who evilly snuck into this country as three year olds, they still will not have the resources to deport everyone who came here illegally.

tnesleyJun. 19, 1210:19 AM

Pres Obama's methods questionable?? This sets a very, very dangerous president when the executive branch can decide what laws to follow and which to cast aside. I agree the immigration policy needs to be overhauled, but this action only hurts the process. From what I have heard, there is bi-partisian support for what president did, and Sen Rubio was working something very similar. This administration has become very aloof, I cannot imagine what it will be like if Pres Obama is re-elected.

mcjoe1Jun. 19, 1210:40 AM

I don't know what all the fuss is over. A huge first step to tackling our immigration issue is to get all the immigrants documented. The sooner they're documented then the sooner they'll be obligated to pay taxes and uphold the laws. This would at least allow us to start figuring out the full family tree and which families might contain American Citizens. Right now, we can't even guess as to how many undocumented people there are in the US. Whatever immigration policy should come from our legislators, it will have to include a much more abundant temporary work visa program to meet the needs of agriculture. And don't forget - 40% of fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children. Apparently immigrants are the real job creators.. I'm just not sure why the conservatives aren't on their side.


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