Marriage ban is bad for business

  • Article by: CHARLIE ZELLE
  • Updated: June 18, 2012 - 8:35 PM

Business leaders are opposing the marriage amendment because it's the right thing to do.

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bunniewJun. 18, 12 9:22 PM

Thank you for expressing this dimension of marriage discrimination.

rmjeffersonJun. 18, 1210:11 PM

So big corporations aren't evil after all.

okbruceyJun. 18, 1210:12 PM

You cannot ban someone from something they cannot actually do. Two men, three ladies, four guys and a goat cannot form a marriage. It is an impossibility. All this "discrimination" chatter is useless and silly.

kleindropperJun. 18, 1210:33 PM

Mormons will be flocking to Minnesota if the amendment goes down.

goferfanzJun. 18, 1210:37 PM

There is no vote to ban marriage. I think a new headline is needed. Nothing changes the day after this vote, regardless of outcome.

arielbenderJun. 18, 1210:42 PM

I though marriage was redefined when sheepherders couldn't sell their daughters for livestock? Where was the sanctity of marriage in that transaction?

kmaierJun. 18, 1210:42 PM

I came to Minnesota for my undergraduate degree. I stayed in large part because I found "Minnesota Nice" to be genuine, refreshing, and widely shared. I since obtained a graduate degree and still live and work in the state because I believe that most Minnesotans care about the well-being of all. This discriminatory marriage amendment strikes me as "Minnesota Mean" and I sincerely hope that the voters here have the good sense to recognize that is does not reflect the best of our state's values.

buffrkhansoJun. 18, 1210:43 PM

There is no 'discrimination' or 'equal protection' issue here. Everyone is free to marry....someone of the opposite sex. There is no sex discrimination going on. Men are free to marry women and vice versa. We are all equal under the current law.

forfreedomJun. 18, 1210:47 PM

1-2% of the population does not make or break a business. This decision by General Mills is not about profits. It is about political correctness. General Mills should stay out of the politics of this thing and simply continue to make products that people want and will pay for. Discrimination happens all day, every day. Saying that one discriminates and that is therefore bad is a canard. It avoids the moral question and avoids the pragmatic question about what happens to a culture when it moves away from the traditional boundaries of a man-woman marriage for raising children. None have survived and our culture will not if we go down this road. This whole thing is not even about marriage. It is about gaining acceptance for a lifestyle that has, throughout history, until the last generation, been appropriately viewed as a neurosis. Politics changed that diagnosis, not science.

benturnerJun. 18, 1210:55 PM

re: goferfanzJun. 18, 1210:37 PM There is no vote to ban marriage.... There certainly is if you are gay.


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