Cell tower near BWCA gets OK from appeals court

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 18, 2012 - 10:26 PM

Appeals court ruling has scenic implications for BWCA visitors.

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Lifeguard06Jun. 18, 1210:57 AM

Thank you Minnesota judges that us common sense, and I ask again why was this in Hennepin county when the people effected by this Hennepin county judge live in St Louis and Lake counties.

mnmaidJun. 18, 1211:01 AM

You can see airplanes from the BWCA, too. Should we make that a no-fly zone? Just because you can "see" something, doesn't make it a detriment.

swschradJun. 18, 1211:03 AM

snif -- snif -- I smell "bolt weevils"

cynthmplsJun. 18, 1211:07 AM

Has anyone on the Court of Appeals ever been to the BWCA?

geronimo2010Jun. 18, 1211:09 AM

Are you serious? How many times do we need to have the discussion about the necessity of wild places? If a few people are so concerned about "safety" in the BWCA, they just plain shouldn't go there. People come from all over the globe to experience this wilderness. To have a gem like this right in our backyard - and then begin to ruin the experience for all is incomprehensible.

ahlircJun. 18, 1211:25 AM


mnhockeyguyJun. 18, 1211:34 AM

I have a feeling this one may end up going to the Minnesota supreme court...

mishugi300Jun. 18, 1211:36 AM

They should find a way to make the tower totally blend in with the environment. Should not be too difficult---create a fake tree or something. And why the lights? For aircraft? I wonder if there is a way that the tower could sense that aircraft were near and only then flash lights rather then all the time. Seems like there must be a way to compromise.

ajmn6kJun. 18, 1211:42 AM

The cell tower is about corporate profits, not safety. And anyone who thinks this is no big deal doesn't understand the creeping consequences of these legal decisions. If AT&T can put up a tower, then the other big carriers can and likely will along other scenic parts of the BWCA. And if development can no longer be legally held back due to scenic impact, then all sorts of other big projects have precedence to justify moving forward along the BWCA. What makes the BWCA special is that it's one of the last untouched places in this country, certainly in this state. And a LOT of us want to keep it that way. The IDS tower can be seen from dozens and dozens of miles away, so too will this 450-foot tower with a bright flashing red light. Good luck to those who want to gaze at the unmolested view of our galaxy who now get to see visual evidence of AT&T drawing in a little more cash at everyone's expense.

ddrew78Jun. 18, 1211:49 AM

mishugi300, it's 450 foot tower. The tallest tree in the state is about 110 feet tall. It's not going to look like a tree and blend in. It's a cell phone tower. geronimo2010, your view point is exactly what local people object to. Yes, there are people living near the wilderness. Your desire for a pure, pristine wilderness in somebody else's backyard is in conflict with those "elses"


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