Education Commissioner: Bad tutors thrived under 'No Child' law

  • Updated: June 16, 2012 - 9:04 PM

State had little recourse to take action under federal law, but not anymore.

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brainerdguyJun. 16, 12 9:13 PM

"Over the last 10 years, it was rare that we could make a direct link between any one tutoring service provider and an individual student's improvement. To use a business term, it did not yield a high return on our investment, and in fact could be seen as a waste of precious resources and time."

Let's see....10 years ago....2002... A republicon president, a republicon House Of Representatives and a republicon Senate. This is a PERFECT example of republicon "privatize everything"!!!!!

comment229Jun. 17, 12 5:19 AM

I personally know someone who signed up to be a tutor. He got a real shock when he found out the details. You see, the rules were vague, ambiguous, and easily manipulated. He thought he would be a tutor after school, for one on one help or a small group. The pay was OK, but just OK as well. When he finally got the details of what it was going to be, he walked into a classroom with one other teacher, to find over 30 kids waiting for help. He signed a contract for a period of time that was about two months, and bailed out ASAP. I wonder who got all the money? Why did ALL the parents sign their kids up for after school tutoring? Now, just think about it for a minute and quit laughing.

educator1Jun. 17, 12 6:04 AM

Actually, Brainerd guy, the NCLB law was passed when Democrats were in charge of the US Senate. Senator Ted Kennedy, D of Mass was a key author of NCLB. The late Senator Paul Wellstone tried to warn Sen Kennedy of many problems with NCLB. But sadly, Kennedy & his staff would not listen. NCLB was a produce of both Republicans & Democrats.

Willy53Jun. 17, 12 6:54 AM

You might add, Brenda, that you will never devise a program that pretends to be in the interest of student achievment and advancement but that is in reality a political effort. NCLB was and is a right wing attempt to degrade public schools and eliminate the teacher's union. Naieve and unsuspecting democrats and educators were entirely hoddwinked into thinking that for once, republicans might actually be interested in funding public education. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a privitization effort, poor government and destructive of the very schools and teaching environment that it purported to help. The other leg of NCLB, gutting teacher requirement and liscensure so less qualified, business oriented instructors can easily replace higher paid, trained and educated teachers is equally destructive of students, teachers and education in general while having as its primary goal the elimination of the teacher's union. NCLB may be the worst educational experiment in this nation's history. There is no replacement, in a functioning democracy, for the existance, funding and excellence of a public school system.

HVJun. 17, 12 4:20 PM

Where has Rep.Kline been? Isn't he the chairman of the House Education Committee? Didn't he say that reforming education and NCLB was a priority? He's AWOL on educational issues again, except when he being a critic of anyting the administration attempted to accomplish concerning education. Why hasn't he used his committee chairmanship to do something?

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