Voter ID fight escalates as Ritchie bows out of case

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 15, 2012 - 5:50 AM

Secretary of state announced the move after legislative leaders hired a lawyer to take part in case.

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minn12Jun. 14, 12 9:38 PM

Someone please explain how the state Supreme Court even has jurisdiction to hear this case? How can they rule on this when it has not even been enacted yet? The normal requirement is that a law has to actually be ENACTED before anyone has standing to sue or appeal it. Seems to me the ballot language cannot be ruled on by the court unless (until) it is passed and election laws are changed. Otherwise, the judicial branch would be intruding on the legislative branch's work. If it passes, THEN then can sue and claim it's vague or whatever. And finally, Ritchie and Swanson are simply liberal hacks who refuse to do their sworn duty to defend the actions of the state of Minnesota. This is what happens when you elect liberals like this.

jastkeJun. 14, 12 9:41 PM

Ritchie is under no obligation to defend something that is not a law. Right now the issue has not gone past the legislative branch of the state government and as such it's up to the legislative branch to deal with the fallout.

milo1949Jun. 14, 12 9:47 PM

It is absurd that you can vote in Minnesota and some other states without proving you are who you say you are. As a veteran, I fought for you. Will you fight for me? Vote YES on Voter ID!

jastkeJun. 14, 12 9:54 PM

minn12: The supreme court is not ruling on the law itself. They are ruling on whether the ballot question is a valid way to present the proposed amendment to the voters. These are two completely distinct legal questions. It's not that difficult to understand (for most of us anyway).

endothermJun. 14, 12 9:59 PM

Ritchie is not required to defend the language of this proposal. He didn't write it, and he doesn't support it. If Republicans want to defend their partisan agenda, they should do it themselves. Also, they should hire their own lawyers instead of expecting tax payers to pay for their legal fees.

furguson11Jun. 14, 1210:00 PM

It would be a sweet protest not to bring an ID and make the state validate your vote later. Can you imagine the cost and chaos?

LicoriceJun. 14, 1210:01 PM

Do your job, Star Tribune, and print the ballot question language we are to vote on, AND the full text of the actual amendment. And, acknowledge that the requirement for "substantially equivalent identity and eligibility verification" for all voters before they vote applies to mail voting and absentee voting as well. People need to know what they are voting for.

gilgamesh23Jun. 14, 1210:06 PM

Passing Voter ID as a constitutional amendment is an end-around of the normal legislative process. Since this will not be a law, but rather a part of our state's constitution, we don't really know how it's going to work. Counties are going to be spending millions to implement a mandate that provides no funding and no guidance on how it should be done, and that's going to mean higher property taxes. We don't know if same-day registration will still exist if we pass this. We don't know a lot of things about this ballot initiative. This stuff should be done legislatively. As a constitutional amendment, the courts are going to have the final say over what it means.

highlife75Jun. 14, 1210:18 PM

"The Constitution is very clear on this" that would make any difference for the cry baby lefties, they seem to think they are empowered to change laws as they see fit, re-write history, and ignore constitutional language. Will they still be pouting when the citizens pass this by a 60% majority?

dvsdan123Jun. 14, 1210:23 PM

If Richie will not defend the State, as he is required to do as Attorney General, he should personally pay the cost of alternative legal representation.


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