Steenland: Odd man out?

  • Article by: CHRIS SERRES , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 24, 2008 - 10:00 AM

Doug Steenland's relentless drive to cut costs and his tough negotiating style may cost him the top job at a merged Northwest-Delta.

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jhbflies2Feb. 23, 08 4:22 PM

Your right we hate him

gbgilesFeb. 23, 08 4:41 PM

I understand that people are upset with the job Doug had to do. I know him on a personal level, and have to say that he and his family are warm, wonderful people. Doug is personally generous and has always been someone I can count on. Fate placed him into an awkward situation, and he ruffled feathers. But he cannot be villified on a personal level, because that's not justified based on who he is as a person.

utilityFeb. 23, 08 4:43 PM

o.k. - he assisted Checci/Wilson take one of the best positioned airlines for the future into a highly leveraged debt position, he's played with NWA against all entities MAC-Customers-Employees that have a vested interest in a sucessful business and blackmailed them, and now, like he's playing with monopoly money,he wants to pass "GO". Can we just say to to Delta, get a new CEO who knows how to lead/build, and go from here? Board Members - please???

originaloilcanFeb. 23, 08 4:50 PM

SOmeone had to do the thngs Doug did to get the airline back on it's feet. The fact that the pilots took the largest pay cuts has to do with the proportion of their pay compared to the rest of the employees. As far as the bonus he will get I don't see that it is any larger than any other executive that brought a company back from bankruptcy. Richard Anderson saying he will forgo his merger bonus is not all fact. He did not decline it he declined it being paid at this time.

dantfmanFeb. 23, 08 4:59 PM

What is up with the one-sided journalism concerning NWA? Are you guys in the airlines pocket along with the politicians? Pawlenty is worried about the 1000 employees being laid off in Eagan. What about the 4,000 that were laid off due to work being moved out of state and out of the country? Pawlenty says that NWA will need to pay off the hundreds of millions they owe if they leave and then the next breathe says that if the airline needs funding to stay that they can arrange that. I have to concur with a previous post, a former V.P. of H.R. that came up thru the ranks with Doug and Richard told me that Doug was a heartless prick. So it is a no brainer that Richard is the wisest choice.....

blehblehblehFeb. 23, 08 5:05 PM

Why isn't anyone looking to the fact that Richard Anderson WAS the NWA CEO before he left the airline to Steenland and went to run Delta into bankruptcy? This is too strange to be coincidence, it MUST be planned.

rayk1800Feb. 23, 08 5:18 PM

Steenland did what he had to do to get the airline through BK and still in business. Of course he's going to take some heat and be disliked. That's why he gets the compensation package when he leaves. It's a better airline now for the economic issues in the future.

erickj7Feb. 23, 08 5:32 PM

It ll be a great thing for MN to get NWA out and get new blood in here...Are you listening Southwest?

gts_55113Feb. 23, 08 5:49 PM

Northwest Airlines Corporation reported a first quarter 2007 pre-tax profit of $100 million. ----- 31 July 2007-NORTHWEST AIRLINES: Northwest Airlines Reports Second Quarter 2007 Results; Pre-tax profit of $273 million. ----- Northwest Airlines Corporation today reported a third quarter pre-tax profit of $405 million, a 57 percent improvement versus the third quarter of 2006, excluding reorganization items. For the first nine months of 2007, Northwest reported a $778 million pre-tax profit, a 153 percent improvement versus the first nine months of 2006 ----- Figures released by Northwest Airlines for 2007 show a net income of over USD2.3 billion, transforming the position of the previous year when they reported a loss of nearly USD2.9 billion. ----- So I take a massive paycut so the airline can make 2.3 billion. If we merge I will lose my job for thr 8th time since 9/11 But ya this is whats best for the airline. For those who say he is getting a bad rap has not made the sacrifices those who work and use to work there made. The other point not mentioned. Steenland is the current face of NWA but he is not NWA. There is a huge amount of history (not just minnesota) that will be lost.

gyml30Feb. 23, 08 5:50 PM

Sold his soul to do what Richard would not, he had morals, does not care a bit about all the employees who lost homes and their jobs. A new age Lorenzo, another idiot attorney who thinks he could run an airline. Yes Doug the employees cant stand you and cant wait for you to leave


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