Minnesota warming trend gains steam

  • Article by: BILL McAULIFFE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 12, 2012 - 11:20 PM
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star1009Jun. 12, 12 9:56 PM

You gotta love it. Especially when one considers the fact that 70 million years ago MN was home to cold blooded dinosaurs that typically thrived in tropical environments. Tell Al Gore to grab his sun block and come visit. We're simply still recovering from the ice age.

goferfanzJun. 12, 1210:02 PM

"""From 1912 to 2011, Minnesota's average increased 2.3 degrees, ninth among the states and well ahead of the national rise of 1.3 degrees.""" ....So reporter Bill-->where was MN doing temperature collection in 1912? The heat island change of both the major cities and the endless black-soil farm fields would be enormous over the last century-->likely many degrees. Even in the here and now, the KARE11 and KSPT weather reports are consistently 2-6 degrees warmer than in our backyard (less than 20 miles north of their location,) and that is winter or summer. Data collection is crucial, and 1912 had millions less roads, car engines, jet engines, rooftops, not to mention a million less buildings oozing heat thru the night, like a million little campfires. While the planet has been on an amazing warming trend, one should be wary of the conclusions being reached as to causes.

endothermJun. 12, 1210:34 PM

It has always seemed to me that it is warmer than it used to be when I was younger, and now it seems that there is data to back this up.

cosmicwxdudeJun. 12, 1210:40 PM

...and the 40yrs prior there was a cooling trend. Yep, climate flucuates and the 30yr Pacific Decadal Oscillation as much to do with it. Climate is not static, nor is weather and you and I exhaling and drinking carbonated drinks has just about nothing to do with it. I am quite enjoying it thankyou and I hope it continues, but if the PDO has anything to say about it, we've rode this warming train to the end...at least for a few decades. But I'll enjoy the 90s this weekend, hope you do to. SUMMERTIME!!!!

cosmicwxdudeJun. 12, 1210:41 PM

...in otherwords....YAY!!!!!

mockingyouJun. 12, 1210:52 PM

bring it on. by the time my kids are in high school, maybe minnesota will be the big spring break destination.

esandeenJun. 12, 1210:53 PM

goferfanz, those are interesting speculations. I personally have a bit of faith that such effects have been accounted for in the analysis. Do you know for sure that they have not been? You are probably right about some of those effects - buildings w/ dark roofs and roads reduce albedo, things which could be minimized with lighter pigment, and at least for roofs there are programs in place to promote lighter-colored roofs for just that reason. But as for car & jet engines and buildings leaking heat - while there may be some direct effects of that heat production, we do know that CO2 traps radiant heat, and those little point sources are going to be hard pressed to compete with heating effectiveness of the sun.

go220mphJun. 12, 1211:23 PM

Nice how they always work in the global warming scare mongering despite the fact that GLOBAL mean temps - Land, Sea and Air (HADCRUT land temps, HADSST Sea Temps and RSS Satellite Lower Troposphere air temps) ALL show a flat trend for the past 15 years. And looking at the last 10,000 year temp records shows the current warming is a fraction of the natural variability during that last 10,000 years of very stable temps. And looking at the last 400,000 years shows we are at the inter-glacial warm peak end of a 125,000 year normal glacial cycle .... we are overdue by 15,000 years or more for a glacial cold minimum. It is certain and inevitable. But the warming alarmists want you to believe the last 40 to 100 years are all we should look at.

chuckdancerJun. 12, 1211:27 PM

When they said man is affecting climate the parrots all said no way Jose. Now I see some parrots trying to pull a reverse pivot and say the study is goofy because of man made effects. Very odd.

noggnbloggnJun. 12, 1211:37 PM

Climate is the cumulative average of seasonal weather patterns averaged over centuries, if not even longer periods of time. All the data collected in the sample period still just refers to weather patterns, not climate. So what will you do to influence it? What is the 'ideal' temperature? It's like trying to reason with a bunch of kindergartners. Other then eliminating our population, and ceasing all commerce, you can't "do" anything. Which then begs the question: is the Earth and its resources more important than allowing Man to serve the needs of Man? Who is to decide? Who controls our fate? The majority, or the climate alarmists?


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