Editorial: School ban on rosaries goes too far

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  • Updated: June 11, 2012 - 9:19 PM

At Coon Rapids school, student did not wear rosary for religious reasons but as a tribute to his grandmother.

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wickeywackeyJun. 11, 12 9:36 PM

When in doubt, scowl for the camera.

lsteidlJun. 11, 12 9:45 PM

A rosary is not a piece of jewelry, and it's rather disrespectful of the Catholic faith to wear one as if it is some sort of accessory. This kid doesn't seem to care what the rosary actually means to practicing Catholics; he's just digging in his heels for the sake of being stubborn. Schools are allowed to impose restrictions on bare mid-sections and t-shirts referencing prohibited substances, and they can restrict something which can be associated with gangs, too. If he really wants to pay tribute to his grandmother, I'm sure he can find a way to do it that doesn't require the inappropriate use of someone else's religious symbols.

goferfanzJun. 11, 12 9:50 PM

Well, I am not Catholic, but faithful ones tell me rosary beads are not jewelry. It has also been used in gangs, as outlined in the story. The best angle is ask a school like TG for their school's policy on wearing rosary beads as jewelry. No matter what AHS does, it seems like the critics are there..........

bluebird227Jun. 11, 12 9:52 PM

Tucking them into his shirt seems like a fair compromise. If that's not good enough for him, then perhaps he has other reasons for wearing the rosary.

IntoblivionJun. 11, 12 9:53 PM

Do they know tucking it in means he's allowed to wear it? Sounds like a perfectly reasonable solution the school has offered.

bigtmnJun. 11, 1210:16 PM

Are girls allowed to wear necklaces and earrings with crosses on them to school? If so, how is this any different?

noggnbloggnJun. 11, 1210:22 PM

Ridiculous. Everyone knows the Louisville baseball cap he wears is a gang thing, only he's wearing it straight for the picture and not the usual angle-out way. He's a criminal, for sure (sarcasm, aimed at the school). Hope he keeps his bandana tucked in too, wears the right kind of tennis shoes, keeps the boxers inside the pants, etc. The whole thing sounds like a tempest in a tea-pot. Cripe, he's only 15!

treddleJun. 11, 1210:37 PM

Religion does not belong in a public school. What will they say when the fastest growing religion in the world, islam, starts forcing its will on the rest of us? The religion of peace is not peaceful; news story after news story proves that. School and education is about growing ones mind, being given the tools to think critically (not to just criticise). Religion can not tolerate questioning, it can not tolerate decent; because reasonable moral people know religion is based on prejudice, intolerance, and immorality. Reasonable normal morally average people would not commit reprehensibly immoral acts in the absence of religion. What should we think of the imum that brainwashes a young person to blow themselves up as a suicide bomber? What should we think of the evangelical that preaches fathers are to beat their children at the mere suspicion of homosexualality? Need I list more? No normal morally average person would do such things if they were not being told by their religion or by their god(s) to do so. Reasonable people know religion is not moral.

mcjoe1Jun. 11, 1210:43 PM

Sounds like school uniforms and no accessories can take care of this problem.

mnmaggiemnJun. 11, 1211:01 PM

This is just ridiculous. Hes wearing it in tribute to his grandmother, not out of disrespect. Respect is all in how you percieve it. I am sure kids are wearing way worse to school than roasries. If a girl does not have to tuck a cross in she is wearing, why should he?


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