Large companies: Big firms focus on the small stuff

  • Article by: DAVID PHELPS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 13, 2013 - 4:59 PM

Even in tough times, our largest employers thrive by paying attention to the needs of individual employees

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amyj1001Jun. 17, 12 9:15 AM

In the table of 2012 Top Workplaces, it would be interesting to see what the CEO pay is for each of those companies.

justsayinJun. 17, 1210:15 AM

It would also be interesting to see which large employers are missing. Did I miss 3M & United Health on the list? Others?

justsayinJun. 17, 1210:39 AM

Are all these biggies missing?: Mayo Clinic, Target Corporation, Allina Health System, Fairview Health Services, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Wells Fargo Minnesota, 3M Company, UnitedHealth Group, Inc., HealthPartners, Delta Air Lines, Inc., Supervalu, Inc., Medtronic, Inc., Hormel Foods Corporation, Best Buy Company, Inc., Hennepin County, HealthEast Care System, Thomson Reuters Legal, CentraCare Health System, SMDC Health System, Coborn's, Inc.

fentanylJun. 17, 1210:46 AM

Fun read!! Spending the money to retain employee's is always a good investment.

SqUaReD80Jun. 17, 1211:29 AM

UPS behind FedEx? I find that extremely hard to believe.

sfan26Jun. 17, 12 1:32 PM

The Twins do very well in the customer service department. But I wonder why they can't clean off that limestone wall behind home plate?! I hate seeing how dirty it is on TV every game. You'd think they'd want the stadium to look clean. That dirty wall leaves a bad impression of what the stadium is really like.

lallywJun. 17, 12 3:34 PM

Replacing and training staff is an expensive process. A positive corporate culture that promotes team work and fun is good for the bottom line.

noggnbloggnJun. 17, 1210:07 PM

Paying attention to the small things? Like General Mills 'retiring' its workers 10 years early? 425 local workers being laid off, and 850 overall. Why does the Star Tribune write timely stories like this but ignores them breaking the law by practicing age discrimination? If they were all gay, or minorities there would be outrage. The Attorney General's office should be investigating them. Instead, we get this and fluff stories about them supporting diversity, even when it may not be true. Everyone let go will sign a release form in order for victimized employees to receive their severance packages, many will not get their pensions after decades of service.

capsule2Jun. 17, 1210:37 PM

3M not on the list you say? They don't deserve to be. Laid off thousands instead of standing by their "greatest resource" then dump the retirees health care plan. Their last two CEO's were Bush buddies. What do you expect? They want Minnesota in the republican camp so they planted their buddies into the company. Watch them union bust this year. Any bets?

percyroy12Jun. 18, 12 2:27 AM

noggnbloggn....not saying you are wrong, but what does that have to do with this story? I don't see General Mills mentioned anywhere as being one of the best places to work in this story. How does this "timely" story the Strib is writing have anything to do with the age descrimination you claim at General Mills? This is simply a list of the top workplaces in MN as gathered by an outside source. This list isn't the Stribs opinion of top workplaces, they are just reporting a list gathered by another source.


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