Justice Department, courts push back on voter ID laws

  • Article by: KRISSAH THOMPSON , Washington Post
  • Updated: June 10, 2012 - 12:11 AM
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diogenesnyJun. 9, 12 9:56 PM

Hurrah for the courts. These new laws are a combination of de facto poll taxes and creating expensive mountains out of molehills.

unionsrockJun. 9, 1210:19 PM

Here's a case I hope activist judges are on the voters side. Election fraud itself is a fraud.

LakeliverJun. 9, 1210:58 PM

Election fraud was proven a fraud itself by the Justice Department under George W. Bush. It conducted a nation-wide investigation and found a whopping 33 cases and could only successfully prosecute 13 of them. This is a purely political gambit to disenfranchise voters who routinely vote democrat, and nothing else. Of course, if the issue ends up in front of the Supreme Court, we'll see another 5-4 partisan vote to uphold I.D's. Any bets?

ron777Jun. 9, 1211:57 PM

Those who oppose voter id oppose it because it reduces fraud they benefit from

danderson60Jun. 10, 1212:20 AM

If 1 legal US citizen is denied the right to vote...then the law(s) should be struck down. I'm surprised some conservative hasn't already posted the typical "Crawford v. Marion County Election Board". For moron thinking the Supreme Court already ruled on voter ID because of this case, no they have not..."Crawford v, Marion County" is for Indiana only. Unless there is a Federal Voter ID law and it goes to the Supreme court it's state by state and case by case.

wildfoxJun. 10, 1212:45 AM

Do we really want to see another "machine" decide if an ID is legal enough for a person to vote! NO ! Remember the Diebold debacle in Ohio in 2004, Bush's corporate pals calibrating the machines to tally the votes in his favor?

crystalbayJun. 10, 12 3:17 AM

"Those who oppose voter id oppose it because it reduces fraud they benefit from"...........Infringing on our constitutional right to vote is unconscionable given the well-researched absence of "voter fraud". It's incumbent on those who'd legislative a law with the potential of disenfranchising or suppressing the ability to vote for up to 5 million legal voters to prove that the .0006 incidence of fraud outweighs the right to vote. ALEC created, strategized and pushed this law's template across the nation as a way to eliminate as many votes for Democrats as possible, then peddled it as "Who wouldn't want to eliminate fraud". This strategy is so transparent to anyone who really studies the issue and its many harmful implications, but the right wing propaganda machine is quite effective with low-information voters. Worse, making this into an amendment is a blank check upon which ideologues can write anything they want to. No amendment without clear language and which has not been developed, studied, or spelled out should ever come up for a vote. Ever.

ticknoJun. 10, 12 5:57 AM

Those who support voter supression do it because it reduces voter turn out they benefit from.

mrnice50Jun. 10, 12 7:54 AM

33 cases and could only successfully prosecute 13 of them, that proves there is voter fraud. Our 1 vote will not count. So if it does not count then why vote.......

whallingJun. 10, 12 7:56 AM

Voting is one of our most important rights as citizens. Those who are not citizens should have no right to vote and to let them vote nullifies the value of my vote. Anyone who fights to allow non-citizens to vote has only one goal in mind, vote fraud to benefit their candidate or political party.


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