Poll shows fewer Minnesota voters favor ban on gay marriage

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 5, 2012 - 10:09 PM

Amendment supporters say polls are unreliable.

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basia2186Jun. 6, 1212:30 AM

Both amendents will pass and many incumbents will lose their gravy jobs! Go Walker!!! I wish we could clone him.

jdcarlinJun. 6, 1212:36 AM

The other day, I asked a supporter of the amendment what right I had to use the government to force them how they could organize their family. I'm still waiting on that answer.

born2playJun. 6, 12 3:56 AM

"Public Policy Polling's newest sampling indicates that 49 percent of voters oppose the measure, while 43 percent support it." You mean the very same PPP that just propagated a poll on Monday that Walker was only up by 3% points? The same PPP that had a poll in North Carolina showing showing that their same-sex marriage amendment was "within the margin of error" only to see a 21% differential in the actual election? PPP is a DEMOCRATIC FIRM that has proven themselves to be nothing less than a propaganda arm for liberal causes... just like this newspaper.

howlinjagsJun. 6, 12 4:14 AM

Ridiculous thing to vote on - the backers just put it on the ballot to pull more extremists into this year's voting. disgusting.

warmfiddleJun. 6, 12 5:17 AM

To vote on this is the only solution. I can only hope voters do their research and learn about the problems of gay marriage.

eddiegJun. 6, 12 5:39 AM

Thank you 49%. I wonder how many of the 43% understand that even if their side loses on this vote, gay and lesbian couples still can't marry. The $1,100,000.00 donated by Minnesota catholics (Archdioceses of St Paul, Duluth, and New Ulm and the Minnesota Catholic Conference) should have been spent to help people in need, not to promote divisiveness and the marginalization of gay people.

reidJun. 6, 12 6:48 AM

"....learn about the problems of gay marriage." How about the problems of marriage in general? With half the marriages terminating in divorce, maybe a little more time with each other before getting married would be in order. Arguing, money problems, incompatibility, cheating and flirting around are all deep problems within... hold it not gay marriage, the majority of this is in straight marriage. We're talking about people getting along with people, whether gay or straight, and with my work over more than three decades seeing very unhappy marriages kept together by the flimsiest of threads, I'd submit that humans in general have a high rate of discontent over their lifetimes. Some are lucky, the majority aren't as satisfied as they hope to be. So please hold the comments about problems being limited to gays that marry.

stearns1985Jun. 6, 12 6:49 AM

These type of polls, at best, are very unreliable! They target areas of highest congestion where liberal views flourish and morals don't! And Mpls, as "statistics" support, Mpls has surpassed SF as the gayest city in the U.S. When it comes down to it, people in general, are "good". Their morals and beliefs are deep in tradition as well as spritually what is right and wrong! Something politicians don't have! Gay marriage is simply WRONG on many levels. 30 states have proudly already supported the ban on gay marriage and MN will be next!

oracledelphiJun. 6, 12 8:12 AM

Let's face it, this battle over an issue that affect 3-5% of the population is out of kilter. Civil Unions is the solution and we should move on and stop the distraction. (Yes, that is low percentage is accurate-the American public thinks that 25-30% of the population is gay)

zimmermannJun. 6, 12 8:13 AM

jdcarlin: "I asked a supporter of the amendment what right I had to use government to force them how they could organize their family..." First of all, your mangling of the English language makes it difficult to even understand what you are saying, but if I can work my way through your statement I believe you are saying that you feel this amendment is trying to tell you as a gay person how to organize your family. If indeed that is your point than once again I say to you and all other homosexual individuals that want to live as a family - have at it. I have no desire to tell you how to organize your family. This amendment doesn't stop you from living as a family. Go ahead and find some liberal pastor even and have him/her perform a marriage for you and your partner. Just don't FORCE your re-definition of marriage upon everyone else. This has NOTHING to do with government forcing anything. It has everything to do with a a tiny minority of individuals FORCING society to change marriage from what it has been defined and understood as for thousands of years and in every civilized culture. It is so interesting to me to see how liberals have so spun and twisted this to make it seem as if government and conservatives are forcing something on people when the truth is exactly the opposite. You can live with your partner and call it marriage all you want. You can buy a dog and call it a cat all you want. But don't force society/government/culture to do the same.


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