Vikings stadium taxes worry charities

  • Article by: JEAN HOPFENSPERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 5, 2012 - 4:22 PM

Pulltab and bingo operators are fretting as they scramble to calculate their tax bills under the Vikings stadium plan.

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pmarc078Jun. 4, 12 9:54 PM

the charities are worried? who cares? as long as zigi wilf and the facepainters are happy, everything will be fine.....

PhilCrossJun. 4, 1210:02 PM

The burden will always be put on the backs of the taxpayers and the non-profits when it comes to helping the rich. But hey, at least we will benefit from the "trickle down" right?

turgidJun. 4, 1210:03 PM

Don't stress people. The legislature can just extend the Minneapolis hospitality tax out to 60 years. That should cover it.

ottlukkJun. 4, 1210:30 PM

Well, here's the first cockroach climbing out of this stadium bill. First to be eaten are the proceeds from charitable gambling, that support local causes. The next cockroach will eat the wallets of Mpls taxpayers. The one after that will go after the taxpayers of this state. The cockroach needs a name, here it is: NFL/Viking/$100 million player contracts. They are all fat and happy, and look for much fatter meals after feeding on our state legislators.

furguson11Jun. 4, 1210:37 PM

Steal from the poor and give to the rich. That's the American way.

lakevilleguyJun. 4, 1210:45 PM

And so it begins...all the dirty laundry will start to trickle out about this horrendous deal. It starts with taking money from a battered women's shelter and a home for unwed mothers and transferring it to a billionaire. Then when gambling comes up way short of projections we'll raid the general fund...

LandsharkJun. 4, 1211:21 PM

Kind of interesting isn't it that yesterday we find out Mistake Lake buys off Canterbury Downs with $80 million, screws Running Aces and now we know for sure local charities will carry the burden of paying for a new stadium for millionaire players and a billionaire owner. Ya gotta love this new American way to do business. Let the less fortunate suffer because they know that they won't unite and vote together. Video lottery machines in our local bars is the way to go.

erikj3Jun. 4, 1211:25 PM

Anyone who expects anyone but Wilf to come out ahead with this boondoggle hasn't been paying attention. Too bad it's too late to do anything about it.

cpunksJun. 4, 1211:30 PM

The sad thing about this is the potential loss in charitable donations is a drop in the bucket compared to the amounts the Democrats and Republicans bicker about on a daily basis. If this is something we truly valued as a society, we would take care of our own in ways that we must be held accountable by (passing legislation and appropriating taxes responsibly) rather than relying on the kindness of a few souls or preying on those who may in fact be addicted to gambling. Somehow that's OK and preferential to our legislators actually growing spines and taking care of their constituents who have difficulty making ends meet.

getcrazyJun. 5, 1212:42 AM

This is what the facepainters and Wilf have taken from the people of Minnesota. Wilf is a thief. Anyone blaming this on other things like racino deals is totally off base because the money is still being stolen from the people of MN. They don't want to face up to the fact that the sports fans and Wilf aren't paying for this. Other people are. This isn't a like a park we can all use for free or a bike trail or fixing potholes. We have to pay to go see games there and the prices for food and beverages is off the charts. Those of you who supported this ripped all of us off.


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