Delta Air Lines wants to pull in more a la carte fees

  • Article by: WENDY LEE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 4, 2012 - 5:47 AM

Following the lead of Spirit, Delta hopes new services, each with a price, will raise new revenue.

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fuzz48Jun. 3, 12 9:19 PM

My God... If you can't resist shopping while you are on an airplane for a short time, I guess you deserve this. How stupid can people be? If I can't resist eating or drinking for the same short time, then you deserve this too. What was the old saying about having cake and eating it too? We all want something for nothing, and the lowest price. It ain't happening anymore - get used to it, and reign-in your WANTS a little bit. If you can't, then be prepared to pay for it. I'll take the cheaper fare, and let you pickup the profit margin.

utah79Jun. 3, 12 9:23 PM

Great. As if flying hasn't been bad enough with the TSA, now it's more $$$ for the airlines. One more reason to drive if it's within reason. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck flying transatlantic.

travelor2112Jun. 3, 12 9:58 PM

Southwest has the best business model in air travel today. Loyal customers, no added fees and comfortable seats make the airline hard to beat. Delta has incredibly rude customer service both on the ground and in the air. It is no wonder why they continually need to go through re-organization.

liberaleliteJun. 3, 1210:10 PM

Paying for gogo inflight is not new. The Amazon arrangement may be new, but with the exception of some promos it has always been a charge. Also it's worth noting that Northwest actually charged for certain priority seats that Delta no longer charges for.

groovemonkeyJun. 3, 1210:23 PM

Always an excuse to raise/add fees. Making almost a billion in revenues in a quarter...yup, they are really hurting. What is their motive anyway? Make flying a 'upper-class' luxury?

donotbugmeJun. 3, 1210:30 PM

Delta, just like the other airlines is desperately clinging to their 20th century business model, laying on fees that discourage the discretionary traveler. The airlines have become so ugly I will fly only as a last resort. They will lose their cherished business travelers as videoconferencing becomes more practical. The surviving airlines will tear themselves apart trying to adapt; you can see it starting now with their self-destructive behavior. Keep it up, Delta. I won't miss you.

orr333Jun. 3, 1211:18 PM

I don't understand the first point of the story that is written as if Wi-Fi for a fee is something new. I have been paying for it forever now. Delta says they want to put some of the money back into the profits, then I sure hope to see the missing 4th row of first class seats put back into the A319/A320 fleet and while they are at it, how about some in seat entertainment on more than just a few 757s?

BallFourJun. 4, 1212:17 AM

Stadiums? Insignificant compared to the price oft keeping Northwest Airlines in this state. We'd all travel cheaper by air if this hub had left 20 years ago.

boredindulutJun. 4, 1212:42 AM

Delta gives "commercial flight" a whole new definition: ads on the website, ads on the boarding pass, ads on the security bins, ads on the annoying CNN screens blaring at every gate, ads on the napkins, offers for the Delta AmEx card, and a few plugs during the drive to the gate just for good measure. No thanks. I'll fly Southwest. One ticket, one charge.

orpheus90Jun. 4, 12 1:28 AM

What next? A charge to use the toilet? Maybe no time soon, but you can bet your bottom dollar some idiot at some major airline has broached the topic as a matter of revenue enhancement. The airline industry is studying airline passenger behavior in all its minutiae to figure out what sort of travel behavior they can fee next. One thing they don't seem to be noticing, however, is growing passenger discomfort and annoyance. It really is no pleasure stepping onto one of these cramped, flying tin cans anymore.


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