Fraud, waste hijack tutoring program

  • Article by: JEFFREY MEITRODT and DAAREL BURNETTE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 4, 2012 - 1:19 PM

A decade of problems has failed students, schools and taxpayers.

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9moonsJun. 2, 1210:22 PM

Thanks George Bush and GOP congress. Another notch on their great legacy of absolute failure in every conceivable area.

johndontJun. 2, 1211:48 PM

yes, I'm sure it is Bush's fault. In fact, I'm certain that it's also Bush's fault that my 1980 Toyota Cressida had a dysfunctional transmission.

reader22Jun. 2, 1211:50 PM

Can you please fix the link so we can view complaints lodged against specific tutoring companies? Thanks.

mglovettJun. 2, 1211:55 PM

Really? Another do-good, feel good big government program is plagued by fraud and waste? How is this possible? I am shocked! We need to get back to basics in all government functions, keep our government as local as possible and stop the BS. All of the sudden tutoring is big business, I remember when it was a struggling college student helping. What have we wrought? Where will it end?

kingkahnJun. 3, 12 1:44 AM

SES tutoring is an absolute joke. These companies are exploitative. I should know, I worked for one. I tutored 9 kids for about 4 months (mostly non-native English speakers) and saw no improvement. They told me my rate was $15/hr, which was entirely misleading. When I factored in the cost of gas (they don't pay for mileage) my rate was barely minimum wage. I shutter at the thought of how much money they made off of me. I wrote an email to the owner inquiring as to how much they charge the district for tutoring services. She would not reveal the hourly rate.

stevensp0Jun. 3, 12 5:17 AM

This is a perfect example of how the "private marketplace" handles a crucial public need. I see some commentors already claiming failure of a "government program". Please note that the only part of this failure that is government is the funding. The fraud rests with the private tutoring programs who are ripping us off; an excellent example of why we need more, and more effective government regulation of all private marketplaces that serve a public need!

furguson11Jun. 3, 12 7:05 AM

"With heavy marketing and aggressive recruiting, for-profit operators now dominate the tutoring market, even though they charge up to $90 an hour for their services in Minnesota -- vs. as little as $5 an hour for nonprofit organizations." If we gave the for profit companies a tax break they'd probably hire more workers, be more efficient and do a better job.

g5thistimeJun. 3, 12 7:18 AM

That is the government way, if someone won't work, won't get grades they think that by throwing hard earned taxpayer money at whatever is the problem de jour, that will fix it.

bigman1000Jun. 3, 12 7:18 AM

Here is an idea, how about parents/caregivers tutor their own kids...thats what I do. If I don't understand the material I learn it to teach them...pretty tough concept.

dentesterJun. 3, 12 7:46 AM

Get government out of the tutoring business. If parents want the service let them pay for it themselves and they'll be sure it's not being wasted or abused. Anything government subsidizes will not be treated with the respect its value deserves.


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