Minnesota targets food stamp fraud

  • Article by: MAYA RAO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 1, 2012 - 9:31 PM

To curb misuse of the program, Minnesota will mail the benefit cards, with the recipient's name on them, to the person's residence.

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sillyme1986Jun. 1, 12 9:43 PM

I work with this program and I know the high level of fraud in addition to the give it away free policies that don't have any asset limits. Even if you catch someone cheating, the process to cite and collect an over payment is cumbersome at best and the procedures rules are certainly set up in the food stamp recipients favor. There are such lame if any penalties in reality, it's sad. It's an abuse of a program that should be limited to the truly needy.

dude01Jun. 1, 1210:53 PM

And there are some that think the government is capable of running healthcare. It is a pretty simple thing to prevent abuse and yet the state is clueless until the federal government informs them of what is going on. Who is in charge of this program? Why isn't that part of this article.

Loon03Jun. 1, 1210:59 PM

We are such fools in this state it is embarrassing. How can we help people by letting them cheat and lie? Why don't we allow people to grow up by holding them responsible for their actions and/or foolishness?

tomsmithnbJun. 1, 1211:15 PM

Call me naive I suppose putting the recipients digital photo on the card won't stop anything. That way a cashier could verify?

jpcooperJun. 1, 1211:32 PM

Call me naive I suppose putting the recipients digital photo on the card won't stop anything. That way a cashier could verify?

This is a liberal program, Liberals don't want anybody to have to show an ID for their programs its may disenfranchise them, BTW there is not Food Stamp fraud, unless you look for it!

thunderJun. 1, 1211:46 PM

How about a system where food is provided. You come and pick up a supply on a weekly basis.

gizkazzJun. 2, 1212:22 AM

Drug testing and picture on the card with those two programs going we would cut our cost of welfare in half if not more

getacluemanJun. 2, 12 1:20 AM

Gee, for years and years liberals on this site have been telling us that there is no such thing as food stamp fraud in Mn, or that if there is any fraud at all, it is so extremely rare/small that it is a non issue. Then there's the notion that food stamps are soooo hard to quality for. All total BS. The truth comes out. And it sounds like the state still does not care to do much about it.

aonealphaJun. 2, 12 4:51 AM

Fraud exists because the government lets it exist. Digital photos is an obvious solution. So is requiring the use of a PIN. A third solution is to cut a recipient's benefits by 10% for the 2nd and each subsequent replacement card for a year. Many many ways to address this issue if one really wanted it to. You don't see these people replacing their debit or credit card this often do you?

comment229Jun. 2, 12 5:09 AM

How are you going to punish these people? I would really like to know. They have nothing, and I suppose you could put them in jail, which would cost more. It does not make the fraud right, but you do need to address the bigger issue. I might point out that I have never ever seen a card like this, but suspect it would be much the same as my credit cards, and I have NEVER EVER lost one in my life, despite carrying them every single day of my adult life.


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