Choose compassion, not vitriol for same-sex marriage

  • Article by: DAVID BRIGGS
  • Updated: May 28, 2012 - 8:23 AM

A Pentecostal pastor lays down a saw at a residence for homeless people with AIDS, raps on wood and expresses pride in being able to look out in his church and see two pews filled with people with HIV.

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bizsmithMay. 28, 12 9:05 AM

I see no difference in opposing gay marriage and opposing mixed race marriage. I have been a homophobe but I have come to realize that people can no more change their sexual orientation than they can change their skin color. Get over it. I am trying and making progress. Voting for the marriage amendment would be a slap in the face to a beloved niece and to two of the best neighbors I ever had.

owatonnabillMay. 28, 12 9:11 AM

I am a Conservative, probably more Conservative than just about anyone who posts in these threads. I intend on voting "no" on Nov. 6 vis a vis the proposed Constitutional Amendment to define Marriage as only between one man and one woman, not because I approve of the activity or the life-style but because I have no right, or wish, to meddle in the personal affairs of persons who are doing nothing to harm me. That should not be the purpose of government.

wisebookMay. 28, 12 9:15 AM

I am all for gay marriage (and against the proposed Constitutional amendment). However, I am aware that this is not a partisan issue. Small government Republicans and Libertarians tend to join the liberals in supporting gay marriage while the conservative religious (both Republicans and Democrats) and the senior citizen generation tend to oppose it. I find it frustrating to engage some family members on the topic because it always ends up sounding like people on the opposing side are filled with judgment about gays and lesbians. Not sure how I can engage the opposition in discussion about their concerns (some of which I might find legitimate) without reaching for the accusation of bias.

martytoilMay. 28, 12 9:23 AM

Discrimination based on sexual preference is still discrimination. Lets all vote no on this amendment.

zippo12May. 28, 12 9:48 AM

Owatonnabill, I appreciate your post. I know that a lot of conservatives will never have your insights, so I thank you. If I may push you a bit, I honestly do not understand how you can talk of being gay as a "lifestyle." I was raised in a fundamentalist/evangelical home and my relatives are all very conservative. I can say with 100% honesty that I did nothing to "become" gay. Not only did I not seek to be gay, I fought into my 30s trying to "change" and not be gay. It never worked and I came extremely close to suicide. Finally, I studied the Bible for myself on the issue. I read a lot on the issue, and finally I came to accept myself as a gay man. It changed my life for the better to end the charade of trying to be "straight." I hope you can someday see that being gay isn't a "lifestyle." I have never known or heard of anyone who chose his or her sexual orientation (straight or gay). Please grant me your trust on this, I am being completely honest with you.

gophfan10101May. 28, 12 9:50 AM

This bill will (hopefully) fail miserably so we can FINALLY put this nonsense behind us. I still don't know why two people of the same sex marrying is so scary. I could care less. Just keep it in the bedroom. Two straight people making out in public is just as annoying as two gay people making out.

alittlebirdMay. 28, 1210:04 AM

Even if homosexuality is a sin - along with a million other things we do that diss a loving God - we should be compassionate. The real reason they want to get married is to have the same legal rights as a couple who were joined as Christ intended. While for gays to get married in a church is a slap in God's face, they should at least have a legal license to establish a household if they want to do so, in line with civil authority and a sense of order. Everyone deserves to be cared for as individuals made in God's image - we all have habitual sins and hangups but we all thrive on human decency.

zippo12May. 28, 1210:11 AM

Owatonnabill, I was just thinking about my post to you. I think one clarification may help about "lifestyles": gay people, like straight people, do make actual lifestyle choices, just not sexual orientation choices. As we go through life we meet all sorts of people. Many are just like us in how they go about their work and personal lives and others are a whole range of differences. I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that it is easy to think the over-the-top behavior of a small minority of people at gay pride events reflects the actual lives of those that dress up in costumes that are meant to gain attention. That's not me, but I mostly "get" why a person once a year feels the need to get angry at the way gay persons are treated and some deal with their anger better than others. I, too, feel the anger, but I am too old to be wearing anything but Dockers :)

gophfan10101May. 28, 1210:46 AM

Seriously....I want to know what is so scary about two gay people getting married? Can someone answer that? Is it the whole bible thing? Well, according to Exodus, its ok to sell your daughter into slavery. The same book also says that working on the Sabbath is wrong and punishable by death. I could go on but, well, there are too many to mention. Being a conservative...I am SICK TO DEATH of the radical religious zealots who have hijacked the party. Please...go away, but at least try to defend yourself by answering my question.

Guppy35May. 28, 1210:50 AM

The greatest commandment says love thy neighbor as thyself. It sets no limits on that and discriminates against no one. I've always thought it interesting that in the story of the Good Samaritan, one man passes to the right, while another passes to the left. Both are too busy with reasons they shouldn't get involved. The guy who knows that everyone is his neighbor and deserves his help and compassion is the one who gets involved. No excuses, just action. Funny how that works


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