USDA targets fraud in Minnesota's food stamp program

  • Article by: MAYA RAO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 25, 2012 - 10:48 AM

USDA will allow states to investigate people whose debit cards are lost or stolen repeatedly. This happens frequently in Minnesota.

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jellybeans48May. 24, 12 9:55 PM

Ole Liberal Minnesota will not institute this policy as the state thinks everyone getting food is in need and no fraud exists. Even if they find it, law enforcement and the county attorney does not look into it because "poor people" don't have the money to repay, at least that is the case in the county I live in

eljayeffMay. 24, 1210:07 PM

Sounds to me like this is a case where the money comes from the Federal government and the State and County don't care.

jarlmnMay. 24, 1210:18 PM

I myself have had to take advantage of that particular benefit. But I'm truly astounded that there ALREADY isn't more oversight and investigation on what must be, to any welfare official who cares to look, blatantly obvious fraud. Hmmm, maybe *there* is the problem in a nutshell. If our welfare officials were *made* to have more accountability for their clients ... and for themselves, perhaps we would have more resources available for those that truly deserve and need it ... and respect having those benefits.

garynumanMay. 24, 1210:19 PM

This is not even close to the REAL fraud rate with food stamps. Why? Because the government is not tracking what is bought with food stamps and then bartered with other people in exchange for cash, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. 750 billion dollars? And we wonder why the debts keep piling up?

highlife75May. 24, 1210:45 PM

Why do they care about fraud? According to the liberal leadership, food stamps are the best way to stimulate the economy? The lefty's would be more upset about fraud if it had an impact on those that truly deserve help, unfortunately it is just part of the cost of doing business and is some one else's money anyhow, and there is always plenty of that available!

censormaxxMay. 24, 1210:57 PM

I occasionally frequent an Aldi's store in an inner ring suburb - and have done my own little research on the use of Food Stamp debit cards and who is using them. Aldi's takes only cash or food stamp debit cards (no credit cards) - so it's very easy to see who is using them. Besides the usual complaint of the types of food being purchased by the "owner" of these cards - what really boils my blood is that more often than not - the user of these cards inevitably drives to Aldi's with a newer, more expensive vehicle than I.

mongohugoMay. 25, 1212:08 AM

Sure crack down on Amercian Citizens but what are you doing about criminal illegal aliens that are explioting the system?

minn12May. 25, 12 1:57 AM

What's missing in this story is that the state likely gives the recipient of the 'lost' card a brand new card loaded with full benefits. That's the problem. What they need to do is allow only one 'lost' card. If more cards are 'lost', then a new card should be issued, but with NO benefits for the current month on it. The following month, the card would then have the usual amount. Recipients would soon learn not to 'lose' their cards. This would result in an immediate plunge in the number of 'lost' cards and the problem would disappear. In cases of proven theft with police reports, allow full replacement, but again, only one time.

fedscamMay. 25, 12 4:10 AM

The state and county can stop massive FOOD STAMP fraud (50% the fraud)by just going to any Minnesota Asian supermarket. have you looked at their parking lot lately? The majority of people that shop there drives $50,000 to $100,000 cars and almost all shop with FOOD STAMP. i don't think you are poor if you can afford a high end luxury car.

tcnorthstarMay. 25, 12 4:43 AM

What the numbers say 10% of Minnesota is on food stamps


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