Stadium deal foes rally before Minneapolis vote

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 24, 2012 - 11:52 AM

Minneapolis City Council is expected to give final approval on Friday.

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sharkysharkMay. 23, 1210:12 PM

The ultimate failure of democracy indeed. VOTE NO!

stripeMay. 23, 1210:17 PM

In other words, it was just preordained from Day One. It didn't matter what Mpls City Council did or did not do. The powers that be just decided it was going to get done, and that last hurdle, the Mpls City Council, was just a minor irritation that really wasnt't a problem, obviously. RYBAK: FRAUD. GORDON: HONORABLE MAN. .... Maybe I'll make me a campaign sign to that effect.

elo_62May. 23, 1210:23 PM

As a 16+ year season ticket holder I really want the Vikings to get a new stadium. The rub is that they are not willing to disclose the direct costs to the fans associated with the new stadium. The Vikings have given absolutely zero information as to what it will charge the fans for PSLs, tickets to games, concessions, etc. I can no longer trust the Vikings as they are not forthcoming whatsoever! The Vikings have declared war on its fans! I hope that the City Council will consider stopping the advancement of the new stadium until the Vikings begin to operate in good faith. The Vikings need to lay all of their cards on the table to regain the trust of the fans and general public. I hope those who rally against the stadium are also calling the Vikings ticket office and Winter Park to express their concerns. The Vikings need to come clean!

rshacklefordMay. 23, 1210:26 PM

The city attorney's office advised them that such motions would be deemed "out of order," since it would conflict with state law. ---- I'm sure that public servant Susan Segal could find a wordy way to circumvent that problem, right? I mean, she did do excellent law work for Wilf so he could get his Wilfare. How about it Susan? Care to help out the people that you really work for? It would be spectacular to see a city council member be the one that saved the citizens from hundreds of millions in completely wasted money.

stripeMay. 23, 1210:33 PM

elo_62, thank you for your objective stance on this issue!

louielipMay. 23, 1211:03 PM

"about 50 anti-stadium activists demonstrated outside City Hall." Only 50? I guess the biased poll didn't turn out the masses. GO Vikes in your new stadium. Skol Vikings.

t_stevensMay. 23, 1211:20 PM

Give it up anti-stadium folks. You're going to have to wait another couple of generations to do it again. So sad. SKOL VIKINGS!

erikj3May. 23, 1211:31 PM

This deal is such a scam. It's a $1 billion plus giveaway to a billionaire who doesn't even live here (note that Wilf recently bought a $20 million Manhattan mansion). It's just disgusting that the pro sports business model is so dependent on taxpayers (while the owners and players get rich beyond imagination).

haybrnr23May. 23, 1211:34 PM

It is ironic that many of the Vikings players lifted themselves out of poverty through their achievements in athletics, but will now find themselves wards of the state.

t_stevensMay. 23, 1211:36 PM

rshackleford: "The city attorney's office advised them that such motions would be deemed "out of order," since it would conflict with state law" Exactly. This state has NO INITIATIVE and REFERENDUM process, thusly when the state is involved in a deal such as the Vikings stadium, our legislators do not have to abide by local law if it conflicts with state law. An example would be if Minneapolis or Hennepin County decided to allow medicinal marijuana use, the state has no such laws allowing it on the books and could step in and say no. If the anti-stadium folks want to "vote", (and get medicinal reefer), please move to California. SKOL VIKES!


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