Stadium numbers crunched at Mpls. city council hearing

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 22, 2012 - 7:10 AM

Ahead of Friday's final vote, the Minneapolis City Council is trying to get a handle on costs, revenue.

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RossbergMay. 21, 1210:35 PM

What never seems to get explained is why, if the tax doesn't trigger the referendum, was it so important to Mayor Rybak and others to get the Legislature to waive it.

elo_62May. 21, 1210:36 PM

Am hoping that the Mpls City Council will hold the Vikings accountable for disclosing PSL costs to the fans. The Minnesota legislature did not do this. Please council members, do not vote for the stadium moving forward until the Vikings are honest and open with the fans. The fans helped the Vikings get approval at the state level in a huge way. They owe the fans an answer on PSLs. The Mpls City Council can help make this happen. I am praying for each council member.

rshacklefordMay. 21, 1210:39 PM

Council Member Gary Schiff, an opponent of the plan, asked city staffers why there were no guarantees in the bill to ensure nearby development extends beyond "one bar in front of the Metrodome, as we have today." ---- Because no one in their right mind would make a guarantee to something that will never happen. It will be a wasteland around the Wilfare Metrodome Version 2.0. I'd rather the city council focus on cleaning up the warehouse district (see tonight's news). Kill this crummy mid-level stadium that no one but Sir Odin and his friend Shart want.

mnmonkeyboyMay. 21, 1210:46 PM

For anyone that thinks Minneapolis is run by Deocrats that simply follow a single party line and act in unison, let this be a reminder that each council member acts independently.

ottlukkMay. 21, 1210:58 PM

Oh. Minneaolis city attorney Susan Segal has rendered her verdict from "oral opinions". Which means she has ignored the Mpls City Charter, which is not "oral", but the results of a vote by the citizens she and Rybak no longer wish to represent. Further, they have retained a "private attorney" to review their decision. How about retaining a "private attorney" who would represent the opponents to this NFL/Vikings giveaway? $678 Million dollars of Mpls taxpayers money given away to a billion dollar enterprise that could pay its own way? And we have Rybak/Segal saying it's all OK? Why aren't the members of the Mpls City Council standing up and saying, "No, it's not OK. You are not going to stick this to our constituents. Go pay for your own stadium!"

jtriceMay. 21, 1211:01 PM

This is such a horrible deal for Minneapolis and the vast majority here don't want it. I don't understand how these seven council members can let down their fellow citizens so badly.

la2309May. 21, 1211:08 PM

Well Betsy Hodges, looks like I will not be voting for you. Skol Vikes!

erikj3May. 21, 1211:11 PM

This stadium is going to bankrupt Minneapolis.

sharkysharkMay. 21, 1211:12 PM

It's time for someone to behave like an adult and look out for the long-term interests of the citizens of Minneapolis. Wasting hundreds of millions of tax dollars on a new version of what we already have is foolish and irresponsible. Rybak is behind it but his interests aren't the same as the voters. The only reasonable vote is NO!

mlemke63May. 21, 1211:19 PM

The problem with the argument by so many people that the owners are given money for a stadium when they have the money to do it themselves doesn't hold water. Although it's a nice theory, there are many cities to do just that. It is either pay up some or lose the whole thing, including the jobs to build it, revenue during the operation, etc. Theory works in classrooms, but not in the real world.


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