With Vikings stadium out, clock is ticking on Arden Hills land

  • Article by: CHAO XIONG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 18, 2012 - 6:28 AM

Ramsey County can still buy the former ammunition plant site for development, but first it needs a plan.

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mcjoe1May. 17, 12 9:59 PM

"Its location off Interstate 35W in an inner-ring suburb is prime" It seems if you're outside the 494/694 loop, I don't think you could consider it inner-ring.

mnmonkeyboyMay. 17, 1211:10 PM

Perhaps a big mall...after all MOA is 20 years old.

mothergovtMay. 18, 12 1:19 AM

Or another option would be to clean up the land and offer it back to the original owners or their families of the land whose land it was taken from in the first place. This property was farm land. These original land owners should have first crack at re-buying their land that was taken by the government.

cags777May. 18, 12 1:47 AM

I want to hear the big ideas from the stadium opponents. They raised such a fuss opposing the stadium and promised something in return - yet they've been quiet this whole time.

erikj3May. 18, 12 2:02 AM

Anyone remember how much money it would've cost to upgrade the freeway infrastructure around this site? They should just clean it up and turn it into a park or something.

vikingfan264May. 18, 12 4:26 AM

I feel Sorry for Ortega and Bennett, they tried hard to bring development there in the for of The Stadium with shops and the "intelligent Taxpayers and City leaders" shouted it down. You are reaping what you sew St.Paul. It will remain vacant and desolete for many years. But Hey! How about building a new Doggy walking park. Geez St.Paul Loves building them and imagine how many dogggy walkers you could fit there. I LMAO at all of St.Paul. Go Whine some more how your taxes are going up and keep telling busineses you don't need them HA HA HA HA..

somedude2May. 18, 12 6:41 AM

This was the place to build the stadium. They are now going to have a "plaza" for tailgating. Dumb.

tcatheartMay. 18, 12 6:53 AM

The Feds are the ones who contaminated the soil, they should be the ones to pay to clean it up.

neptune1May. 18, 12 6:59 AM

If Zigi had made the effort to build it himself, he could have used this land. It's a shame you have to build the stadium where the state legislature says you have to rather than where you want to.

redwingrebelMay. 18, 12 7:27 AM

TCAAP was the perfect fit for a sports complex and associated redevelopment of the area. A great re-use of the land. I think the downtown site is a mistake....again. To bad the 'powers that be' didn't think of the ol' adage of not learning from mistakes (history). Did Sid have anything to do with this one?


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