Will Paul delegates 'take control' at state GOP convention?

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 18, 2012 - 9:02 AM

State Republicans gather in St. Cloud today to endorse a Senate candidate and hear from Ron Paul.

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madmaggieMay. 17, 12 9:45 PM

Funny how the fiscally resonsible Publicans can even find a room in which to hold a convention! Are they paying that rent with little gold nuggets supplied by Rudy, one of the original NeoCons (remember?)? Shortridge claims everybody's happy...Really? How 'bout Tony? or Michael? or Ms. Koch? Oh, snap!

gop2darkagesMay. 17, 1211:31 PM

The Minnesota Republican Party is teetering on the same edge of chaos that sparked a fist fight at an Oklahoma party convention and jeers at an Arizona gathering addressed by presidential candidate Mitt Romney's son.*** Underlying the tensions is libertarian-minded presidential candidate Ron Paul, whose followers are fighting for dominance of the party that bypassed their hero...

Yup, these are just the kind of mature deep-thinkers we ought to be entrusting with the reins of government. As a matter of fact, "reins of government" is a pretty apt metaphor where the bunch ram-rodding this freak show is concerned. Since they're all about a 'visionary' return to the social, economic and political evolutionary thought of oh, say, 1840 -- give or take another 100 years or so even further back in the dim and dismal reaches of time.

pike267May. 17, 1211:47 PM

The funny thing is that is does not really matter who they put forward to run against Senator Klobuchar....they are going to get creamed!

mcjoe1May. 18, 1212:57 AM

Yes.. Keep slapping that Bachmann name next to the GOP Senate candidates. Another Bachmann type candidate would really put MN on the map... ..of states outsiders would never want to visit. The only thing she accomplished in her past 2 years was making sure people had access to cheap highly inefficient 125 year old light bulb technology. Her rhetoric helped persuade the gullible in believing they'd have to switch entirely to CFLs. I don't think she ever mentioned that new efficient incandescent technology met the requirements of longer life, 30% less power, and easily paid for their slight premium price through power savings.

vote4shepardMay. 18, 12 2:55 AM

Will Sen. Amy Klobuchar be re-elected in November? Pro-life activist Jack “Doc” Shepard hopes the answer is “no.” Attendees of the State Republican Convention at the St. Cloud Civic Center looked to the sky this morning (Friday, May 18), as an airplane banner with the words “Shepard Beats Amy = MNGOP Senate Win Nov. 6” circled overhead. Shepard is running in the Tuesday, Aug. 14 Minnesota DFL US Senate primary election in an effort to remove Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s name from the general election ballot in November. According to Shepard, who is the founder of Pro-Life Minnesota, Klobuchar is a leading abortion industry spokesperson in the US Senate. Jack "Doc" Shepard says, "If enough Conservative Pro-Life Religious Minnesota Republicans and Independent Voters crossover and vote for me like the Wisconsin GOPer in a Rush Limbaugh Style vote Doc Shepard could very easily beat Pro-Abortion Sen. Klobuchar in Aug. 14 Minnesota DFL Primary (where historically only about 15% of Minnesota Voters votes- so the numbers are on side of Minnesota’s Pro-Life Voters) if even 1/3 of the 900,000+ Pro-Life Religious Conservative Republicans that vote in Minnesota General Elections but normal don’t even vote in Minnesota August Primaries just come out and vote for Shepard only to remove Klobuchar’s name from the Nov. 6 Ballot = MNGOP Pro-Life win on Nov. 6! If Shepard beats Sen. Klobuchar in DFL Primary it would remove Klobuchar’s name from the Minnesota Nov. 6 General Election Ballot making is very very possible, not matter what the polls say that the endorsed Pro-life Republican U.S. Senate Candidate will really get elected to be our next U.S. Senator from Minnesota. To learn more www.jackshepardforsenate.com

adri0801May. 18, 12 3:19 AM

I wouldn't mind hearing Ron Paul speak, but the rest of it would be baloney.

reader818May. 18, 12 3:20 AM

How are they paying for all this?

wisebookMay. 18, 12 4:42 AM

I am not a Republican but have worked on a lot of campaigns over the years. I don't mind saying that I admire and respect you campaign workers for all the extraordinary hard work you do each election. When I am at parades supporting candidates different from yours, I still find that I cannot help but see how committed you are to helping make a better state. Good luck to you all this weekend.

jimmythelockMay. 18, 12 5:44 AM

and how will the attain that unity? by continuing to lie? by letting animals loose on the freeway, as they did when i was there? by denying their conspiratorial actions/

tomalciereMay. 18, 12 6:52 AM

"While Paul has suspended his presidential bid," Ron Paul has NOT suspended his campaign. http://www.ronpaul2012.com/2012/05/14/ron-paul-has-not-suspended-his-campaign/


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