State GOP is returning to sound principles

  • Article by: BILL JUNGBAUER
  • Updated: May 15, 2012 - 10:42 AM

Ron Paul supporters have encouraged much of this internal restoration.

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ranger1873May. 14, 12 9:12 PM

Ron Paul is a 9-11 'truther' who has blamed America for the attacks and called Israel an 'aggressive National Socialist state'. He has compared Gaza to a concentration camp and said on the floor of the House of Representatives: “Bin Laden’s claims are straightforward. The U.S. defiles Islam with military bases on holy land in Saudi Arabia, its initiation of war against Iraq, with 12 years of persistent bombing, and its dollars and weapons being used against the Palestinians as the Palestinian territory shrinks and Israel’s occupation expands." This man despises Israel. He's as funny as a three-dollar bill and the Republican Party would do well to foist him off on the Libertarians -- which is what he is.

JoeRepyaMay. 14, 12 9:51 PM

Perhaps Mr. Jungbauer should read the many story's in the New York Times, LA Times and Washington Post documenting the anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-national defense and pro-legalization of drugs stance of Ron Paul's followers!

gop2darkagesMay. 14, 1210:33 PM

State GOP returning to "sound principles" based on Ron Paul's influence? If that's the case, clearly whatever soundness is being lauded doesn't extend to the minds.

kvarnoldMay. 14, 1210:43 PM

Just curious...did you pay the rent yet? Of course, as fiscally responsible as the the MN GOP is, imagine my shock when I saw the rent wasn't paid. And perhaps it was even announced somewhere and I missed (I am fallible). But anyway, did you?

arielbenderMay. 14, 1211:01 PM

Here's a guy who would not have intervened into WWII coupled with a 19th century viewpoint of economics. He should be in an assisted living facility instead of the national political stage.

stevenelMay. 14, 1211:24 PM

So what you're saying Bill is that the REST of the GOP is full of borderline criminal nutcases who shouldn't be trusted and the very sane Ron Paul supporters are the future of the party. If MN votes a GOPer in as dogcatcher this Nov. we should be ashamed of ourselves.

belascoMay. 14, 1211:27 PM

At this point, the MN GOP could name the Tooth Fairy as the paragon of the Lib's redistribution of wealth public enemy #1, and the Tooth Fairy would get my vote and my contributions. That's right, a figment of an ignorant culture's imagination is far more compelling than anyone that the MN GOP would support.

jbrillMay. 15, 1212:23 AM

As a democrat I'm quite gleeful at the thought of Paulites running the GOP, as the party will run further towards the path of irrelevancy.

noelb81May. 15, 12 1:13 AM

Well written piece, Bill. It's unfortunate all previous commenters are unaware of Ron Paul's principles, evident because comments are heavily influenced by talking heads and media pundits from the mainstream media. If there were more people looking into candidates and paying attention to politics like those who like Ron Paul, perhaps we wouldn't have elected a President who ran on the platform of ending wars, legalizing marijuana and restoring personal rights, ending the Patriot Act, closing Guantanamo Bay, and probably most importantly, closing the revolving door in Washington, D.C., and then not following through with any of those promises we were supposed to be able to "take to the bank." To those unfamiliar with the principles of liberty minded republicans, go to YouTube and search Ron Paul. There's a good chance you will surprise yourself in finding that you like the guy, and what he stands for.

howlinjagsMay. 15, 12 2:18 AM

I like a good bit of what Ron Paul says and stands for. Unfortunately, the rest of what he stands for and has done is wacky and disconnected from reality.


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