'War on women?' Yes, no and a sidestep

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 13, 2012 - 8:22 PM

McCollum, Bachmann and Klobuchar sound dissonant chords.

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cootoriginalMay. 13, 12 8:31 PM

Of course McCollum fails to mention that Obama had his sights on this slush fund for his own pet projects. Review the history.

eman2001May. 13, 12 8:48 PM

While both parties seem intent on gaining the female vote, male victims of domestic violence are all but invisible to the Violence Against WOMEN Act advocates. Other issues that affect men are also given little attention. Thousands of male vets returning from wars with both physical and emotional wounds. A disproportionate loss of jobs for men during the recession. And a widening disparity in educational achievement, with only about 40% of college graduates now being men. Fathers who are routinely alienated from their children in divorce settlements. Where is the media buzz on the war on men?

MichJoe500May. 13, 12 9:01 PM

What's a woman to do if she disagrees with the tenets of those who are largely defining the "war on women" at this time? If a woman doesn't agree with those who are telling her there is such a war, does that mean she is necessarily at war with herself? Women don't all have to think alike, do they? There are, after all, plenty of women who would say they're against abortion, or they're against birth control, and can demonstrate they haven't been brainwashed by some other class of citizens. These same women might even agree that there is a war on women, but can those who are most vocal about there being such a war even consider that they're doing a disservice to a whole population of very credible women?

goferfanzMay. 13, 12 9:08 PM

McCollum is a major lightweight amongst the two other women. If one is going to talk "health" issues, issue #1 is women outlive men currently in America by 5.5 years. I guess women are winning the "war." I have never, yet, seen Dems or major media outlets admit that OCP's have been 9 bucks per month for several years (no insurance needed) at local Targets, etc. Thus, it's campaign season and the Dems need lots of misdirections to help people forget about the Dems' abysmal domestic performance from 1/2007 to the present.

clintonliesMay. 13, 12 9:15 PM

Readers will note that the same theme is played day after day in this so called newspaper. Every day there is another hit piece on conservatives. This is no accident. The DFL controlled StarTribune will continue to throw every negative it can eevry day at conservatives. You will never see this newspaper mention one negative on so called democrats. There will never be any mention of how the current economic mess can be placed at the feet of the democrats and the simple minded congress-person-thingy from St Paul.

davewtcMay. 13, 12 9:16 PM

Bachmann, taking aim at the government's latest jobless numbers, said that "the president's focus is on dividing our country ..." >> This woman really should dish the stupid out in smaller servings. Too much at once like this just puts everyone off.

cmo55May. 13, 12 9:17 PM

Minnesota should be proud. We have sent to Congress, on opposite sides of the political spectrum, two of the weakest representatives in the history of the United States -Bachmann and McCollum. Neither has done anything worthwhile in Congress, yet seem to be entrenched in their respective seats. Votersin these Congressional districts, please select someone different.

johneramone4May. 13, 12 9:20 PM

The so called Republican "War on Women" is pure fiction. The Democrats war on unborn children is unfortunately quite real with over 1.2 million casualties each year and that's just the babies. Who knows how many women are permanently wounded in this senseless war?

BallFourMay. 13, 12 9:25 PM

Romney. Bachmann. Why don't they tell us what THEY'VE done, which is what they need to do in order to get my vote.

justsayinMay. 13, 1210:09 PM

It isn't a war on ALL women. Hey, if you're lucky enough, and rich enough, you can stay at home and vacuum the floor like June Cleaver. You'll be fine. Just know your place. For all the other women out there in the real world, God bless 'em, it's a real battle out there.


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