Was move talk a bluff? Wilf keeps his poker face

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 12, 2012 - 1:03 AM
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getcrazyMay. 11, 12 9:31 PM

Bluff or no bluff the people that supported this awful rip-off from taxpayers need to show up to schools and volunteer their time since this will take money from the education we are morally bound to give our children. They can also start showing up to sweep MPLS parking ramps and such as well. Now that you are taking from us it's your turn to give back. There is no such thing as free. If fans want to give our money away for free thern they need to return with offerings for their services for free. This isn't like a bike trail We can't go use the stadium when we want for free. IT also doesn't guarantee any money back. Look no further than the over $100 million Indiana lost for proof.

badhomerMay. 11, 12 9:42 PM

You mean 'extortion face", the Wilf's are professionals at begging and feeling entitled to tax payer money for their private business ventures and that is why they will never admit it and or open their books. This was a major windfall for not only the Wilf's but the State of New Jersey too because that is where all the profits will flow back too. The "peoples stadium" is a joke at best, Minnesota was fleeced. Again.

harrisstevenMay. 11, 12 9:42 PM

Duh. The Strib knew. Read City Pages for unbiased reporting

homerunkingMay. 11, 12 9:53 PM

If you think the Wilf's plan to pay for a retractable roof you are a fool. I cant believe the pop cans on these guys that they float this the day after it passed the legislature! I want the stadium. I want the retractable roof. But you better get ready for them to come hat in hand again. They'll want one of those blink-on backups to help fund it. PS...the stadium takes NO dollars away from schools.

stoneageMay. 11, 1210:17 PM

Was move talk a bluff?.........Ya THINK!! Man, are you people stupid.

abzzzzMay. 11, 1210:41 PM

The Wilfs did not need to threaten a move; their surrogates (media, fans, politicians) only needed to perceive a move was a possibility. What turned the debate was when it went from logic ($) to emotion ("our" team, culture, and longevity). It worked for the Twins, and it worked for the Wilfs. Who will be next?

slammanMay. 11, 1210:44 PM

That's really a dumb question. No stadium, no Vikings. What's the problem. L.A. has a huge stadium in the works and Wilf would have had to leave if they didn't build a new stadium.

a6699fMay. 11, 1210:47 PM

Of COURSE it was a bluff! And those idiots in the Lege fell for it! November can't come soon enough!

jrock612May. 11, 1210:54 PM

Good move by Ziggy. I don't agree with Monday QB comparison, but I do agree with "moot" and moving forward.

tanner34May. 11, 1211:04 PM

Zygi as far as I know never said the team was to be moved....Unlike previous owners who uttered those words, he did not and deserves a medal...or a stadium...


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