Stadium plan clears House on 73-58 vote; Vikings would pay more

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 8, 2012 - 10:59 AM

The approval came after a day of high drama and a weekend of intense lobbying. But the amended plan changes the funding amounts, seeking more from the Vikings.

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chemnpMay. 8, 12 1:08 AM

So Zellers held to his word and voted against it, even though he publicly supported it? Strange guy. I wonder if Kriessel would have voted for the stadium if Bernard Berrian and his twitter account were still on the team. I couldn't blame him if he didn't.

adri0801May. 8, 12 1:13 AM

I am glad it passed, but I am not sure how the Vikings will react to having to pay $105 million more. What options does Zygi have if he is not prepared to fork over the extra money. Would it not have passed tonight if the House hadn't reworked the $105 million earlier in the day?

atlmikeMay. 8, 12 1:21 AM

$400 million from electronic bingo and electronic pulltabs? what a joke. why don't you have a tax on jolly rancher sales and pay phone usage too? equally obscure. $.02 on an alcoholic beverage would have gotten you the money so much easier. it's not over yet folks.

ndrep30May. 8, 12 1:33 AM

Z Wilf should just move this team! By the time all the bickering is done in this state he will have a better deal elsewhere and he'll be happy he left. This is not a state that knows anything about consensus at all!

orvestaMay. 8, 12 1:46 AM

The Vikings will not reject the overall deal because of the extra $105. They won't be happy, they will whine, but privately, they understand their increased net worth is far more than that $105 extra and they will have no problem finding that money. Hey... for 7% interest, let me offer to borrow you the first million!!!

orvestaMay. 8, 12 1:47 AM

It's funny how when the votes are not open and in the public, Republicans always vote for, with, and under instruction from the billionaire. When the votes are in the open, they fidget and try to act like they aren't married at the wallet.

twincitizen1May. 8, 12 1:51 AM

Let's hope then, that our legislators in the Senate have the courage to leave in the provision of the team paying $105MM more. If they take that amendment out, it will be out of pure cowardice. I hope some of that $105 MM saved by the public can be shared with the Minneapolis portion and not just the state.

comradeMay. 8, 12 2:13 AM

Disgusting. Once again the average person is ripped off by the rich and powerful who already have more than they can spend in several lifetimes. Dayton is a hypocrite and a joke as a governor. This is really a sad day for working people in this state. It seems there are no morals or ethics left in this state's political leaders.

jrad81May. 8, 12 2:20 AM

Our legislators are a bunch of cowards. There is no way taxpayers should be stuck with this! Call the Vikings and the NFL's bluff. If they think they'll earn greater margins somewhere else, go try. There are already 2 other teams in the league in worse financial shape than the Vikings. Were does the league think they are going - L.A. as well? They're not going to abandon the 12 largest market and if they do, they're idiots. It is not the government's role to be buying stadiums for teams. The NFL has more than enough revenue to build their own stadiums without burdening the taxpayer even more. Anyone in the legistalure that voted for this should be ashamed and booted out of office. It's fincancially irresponsible!

CountChoculaMay. 8, 12 2:22 AM

This is likely the best deal Zygi will get, from any legislative body -- in Minnesota or in California. I'd recommend he take it. Remember, he recently paid 1/5 of the amount that was shifted to the team for a New York condo without flinching. To the stadium opponents: yes, the system of funding pro sports is flawed, we all understand. But by taking a moral stand and withholding public funds, the state will look like a ship of fools to the entire world. Instead, there must be uniform legislation passed at the FEDERAL level that regulates how much sports organizations can extract from state and local governments. Until this legislation is proposed and passed, local governments will be forced to play this shell game or risk annihilation on the world stage of public perception.


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