Twins no bargain, but tickets are

  • Article by: JASON GONZALEZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 7, 2012 - 7:11 AM

After just two seasons at their new digs, the Twins are drawing far fewer fans and even scalpers are having trouble breaking even.

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twagner89May. 6, 1210:16 PM

It's gonna take more than just a few victories to put fans back in those seats.

srossMay. 6, 1210:22 PM

Ask me if I have any sympathy for scalpers....they are getting what they deserve. I think there will soon be free tickets, if not yet this year for sure!

shonankingMay. 6, 1210:28 PM

Some years ago living in LA one could go to Burger King buy a whopper and receive free tickets to the Clippers games. Twins are on the same path, only fools would pay to watch a train wreck like this team. They will top both the Mets and Tigers for the worst single season record.

sharkysharkMay. 6, 1210:38 PM

Go ahead, tell us what a good "investment" Target Field was for the taxpayers.

JEnright247May. 6, 1210:45 PM

It was a good investment. Look at all the business that has sprouted up around Target Field. Think about the tax revenue the stadium has already brought in. It's certainly a better way to spend public money than some other ideas.

chuckie549May. 6, 1210:45 PM

I paid $5 to a street scalper for a $14 seat a couple of weeks ago. Since many season ticket holders don't show up, I sat in an empty $62 seat. Since the announced attendance (based on tickets sold) was about 8,000 higher than the actual attendance (people who were actually there), I am guessing a lot of people didn't even bother trying to sell tickets online or through scalpers. They just didn't show. So the guy who got $73 seats for $30 didn't get as good a deal as he thought he did.

rshacklefordMay. 6, 1211:05 PM

"The team's lack of success, poor weather and dwindling excitement over a new stadium have led the secondary-ticket market to its bottom as scalpers are desperate to sell." ---- SAY WHAT? DWINDLING EXCITEMENT over a brand new STADIUM? That cannot be! This is the PEOPLES' BASEBALL STADIUM so fans should be coming out in droves. Plus, aren't fans patronizing all the restaurants and bars near the new stadium such that Block E will be revitalized? No? That isn't happening? I'm truly sorry Minneapolis. You got the shaft and are going to get it again if a group of citizens fails to file a lawsuit against Dayton's plan to force-feed another stadium into your tax rolls.

pipdipchipMay. 6, 1211:07 PM

I'm beginning to regret my season ticket purchase. Don't get my wrong, I love my Twins and I'll be diehard no matter what, however... even I have my limits.

erikj3May. 6, 1211:07 PM

You would think that the "dwindling excitement" over the still nearly brand new Tarzhay Field would cause people to think twice about even CONSIDERING building ANOTHER stadium for the Queens. Two teams, 50 years, 4 stadiums. That is just ridiculous. Nevermind how much money is owed to schools and our crumbling infrastructure (hey, fixing all that could create jobs!). Then there's the simple matter of unreliable funding streams. Ugh. I hope just enough legislators vote no to this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea.

dejadoodooMay. 6, 1211:18 PM

That meatball and beer is now looking waaay too expensive!


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