UnitedHealth reaches $100 billion milestone

  • Article by: JACKIE CROSBY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 7, 2012 - 6:06 AM

Company set a revenue record for Minnesota as it pushes beyond traditional insurance.

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gfishbachMay. 5, 1210:16 PM

This is grotesque! $100 Billion. Here's the answer for why America's health care system is so terribly fouled up.

Rapid1May. 5, 1210:29 PM

Embarrassing! Most of that Revenue is from "Health Saving", of NOT providing Health Care.

martiankingMay. 5, 1210:32 PM

United starts up an organization to try and find fraud and abuse and over-payments to try and control costs. Nice. Does that mean they'll pump those savings into lowering their co-pays or cover more costs for their insured customers? I doubt that 1 billion percent. Can anyone say more higher payouts to their execs and shareholders? Or find ways to hide the revenue off-shore from US taxes. Obscene indeed. Profiting off blood money.

giantburgerMay. 5, 1211:04 PM

How many executives at United Health are multi multi millionaires? If you think the premiums are to cover Joe Blow's personal health care costs you're fooling yourself! The purpose of these premiums is so the filthy rich can scam middle class America! When will the government blow the whistle on this? Why aren't American's rioting this? I guarantee this health care scam will be ducked in the next presidential debate just like it was the Obama-McCain debate! This health care scam greed is what's destroyed the American dream!

turgidMay. 5, 1211:15 PM

US health care consumers are patsies for the corporate profiteers. The only thing we bring to the table is that we get sick.

jdubya12May. 5, 1211:34 PM

With this figure, even if their profit margin is miniscule (which is most certainly is not)...it's still raking in the money bigtime.

hero149May. 5, 1211:55 PM

@burger "When will the government blow the whistle on this". Uhhhh, sorry to break it to you but states and the federal government are customers of United. I guess no one told them they are being "scammed". I'm sure if you let them know they will blow the whistle as you suggest.

metalixMay. 6, 1212:03 AM

According to their quarterly report, their net earnings was 1.39 billion for January - March 2012. (I am in the wrong business.)

hero149May. 6, 1212:11 AM

@martian Unfortunately, you have very little understanding of the matter. As an example, United partners with state government to administer Medicaid plans. The fraud and abuse controls which you are disparaging have returned 10's of millions related to overcharges and billing errors to various state Medicaid programs such as Iowa. That is money that is then able to pay for actual services for Medicaid recipients. You still think it is obscene? The numbers associated with Medicare fraud are staggering...you should be standing up and cheering that there are organizations out there with the talent and resources to identify the abuses and the crooks. The federal government doesn't find it, I can assure you of that 1 billion pct.

drfranktMay. 6, 1212:45 AM

My spouse works for UHC. You people have no idea what it takes to keep this company going, to insure that consumers have real time access to the records, let alone, providers, hospitals, MD's, GOVERNMENt REGULATORS (Obama-care)etc., etc., etc, to assure your coverage. This is nothing but another cost related to your wants for governmentent care from womb to tomb. You get what you pay for. UHC employes 99,000 employees. 15000 in MN alone. How about the rest of this State? Where are the rest of the employers in this state?


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