11th-hour stadium rally led by Dayton

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 6, 2012 - 8:18 AM

Businesses and unions are strange bedfellows as House vote approaches.

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gdkxzyMay. 5, 12 2:23 PM

Keep the Viking in Minnesota where they belong. My greatest childhood memories were watching the Vikings games. One in particular stands out. It was in 76' playoffs where the Rams drove down the field on their opening drive but Vikings held them at the 6 inch line. The Rams decide to kick a field goal instead of going for it on 4th down. Well Nate Wright blocks the field goal attempt the ball bounces to Bobby Bryant who runs it back for a touchdown. That was just so awesome! The Vikings never looked back and advanced to the Super Bowl. Didn't realize until recently the Vikings had never blocked a field goal and returned it for a touchdown in their history. Whenever I see a team attempt a field goal I think of that play even though it is rare. Skol Vikings!

yupperMay. 5, 12 2:30 PM

A dog and pony show to cover the fact the Dayton waited long enough for the Republicans to shoot themselves in their collective feet. I still wonder if this stadium plan is so widely popular why its proponents are so afraid of a referendum. The Vikings will not leave no matter what. The teams in their division will not allow it. The NFL greatly fears a precedent by MN not caving to a NFL owner.

munsterlandrMay. 5, 12 2:57 PM

The day Jared Allen and EVERY other Viking along with Zygmunt Wilf and his "investors" release their 2010 and 2011 Federal & State TAX RETURNS is the day PERHAPS Minnesota can begin to debate a stadium and not before. Minnesota deserves to know just how much Minnesota Income Tax these professional football players pay and how much Zigmunt pays in Minnesota tax. My bet is none of them pay enough in Minnesota tax to buy a snow cone.

DufferHMay. 5, 12 3:01 PM

Why do the Vikings, Dayton, Rybak, bill sponsors and reporters keep perpetuating the myth that the Vikings will ante up $427 million? Wilf's actual contribution is closer to diddly. This faulty ill-conceived plan merely makes the New Jersey land baron the conduit for monies that really belong to the stadium and stadium commission,not Ziggy. Those include naming rights, parking fees, money from skyboxes, et al. This bill/plan is bogus and misleading from the word go.

callmestupidMay. 5, 12 3:04 PM

@Yupper, I'm sure people didn't think the Lakers or the North Stars would leave either. Do you think it was cheaper to let them leave and then years later build Venues for the new teams in the Wild and Wolves? I think not. The same thing will happen with the Vikes, they'll leave and a few years down the line the state will be begging for an expansion team and build a stadium then for WAY more than they would now

bluekiwiMay. 5, 12 3:15 PM

I would like to see a stadium built and for the Vikings to stay in Minnesota somehow. If the stadium deal gets nixed and the Vikings leave, it will be a great loss for every Minnesotan, even if you're not a Vikings fan. Having the Vikings and an NFL franchise does add a lot of economic activity and prestige to our state. The only good that would result in a loss of the Vikings due to no stadium deal is it would guarantee that the Republicans will become an insignificant minority party in Minnesota for at least a decade or more.

theyankee69May. 5, 12 3:31 PM

"Keep the Viking in Minnesota where they belong. My greatest childhood memories were watching the Vikings games. One in particular stands out. It was in 76' playoffs...." Yes, let's all pay way too much money because you had a nice time 36 years ago. This debate is beyond ridiculous.

badhomerMay. 5, 12 3:38 PM

The pandering that is going on by Dayton and Co. in order to give hand outs in the form of corporate welfare from Minnesota taxpayers to a private mult-million dollar business who's owner lives in New Jersey makes me ill. These clowns are not going to move anywhere, it would cost them more to relocate than they woukd ever lose if they ponied up their fair share to build this billion dollar welfare building / housing project for the ultra-rich. What a complete sham!!!

gcrackerMay. 5, 12 3:42 PM

@yupper. You might want to study NFL history in regards to teams moving. In the last 30 years: Oakland Raiders moved to Los Angeles, Baltimore moved to Indianapolis, St. Louis moved to Arizona, LA Rams moved to St. Louis, LA Raiders moved back to Oakland, Cleveland moved to Baltimore, Houston moved to Tennessee. Goodell and the NFL have already stated that they will not stand in the way of the Vikings moving if the stadium issue in Minnesota is unresolved this year.

louieaMay. 5, 12 3:46 PM

Everything about this situation has been cursed from the get go. It's a BAD deal for Minnesota and the taxpayers. Unfortunately this is NEW NEWS for way too many people but look at the latest "news flash" -- Zygi will be bringing MLS to MN. While that may be a good thing, the bad news is he gets 100% of the profits from MLS, AND the team will be playing, rent free, at the new stadium while we pick up the expenses. Ask Mondale and Dayton how they figure that's "a good deal" for us. With interest, the state's debt to the schools is now over $3 billion with NO PAYMENT in sight, the budget deficit projected for next year is back in the billions too and we can't afford to rebuild or replace major infrastructure in the state. So tell me, how is it "a good deal" for us to effectively hand Zygi over a billion dollars???


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