Recession generation has adulthood on hold

  • Article by: JEAN HOPFENSPERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 7, 2012 - 9:25 AM

Economic downturn hits young job seekers the hardest and could affect the nation for years to come.

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nofreelunchMay. 4, 1211:12 PM

Maybe if these young punks didn't buy in to what out of touch liberal professors had to say, there would be a different president in office and this wouldn't be an issue.

werecomingMay. 4, 1211:21 PM

If this country would realize that you need to support small business and not continually tax them; 2) force Govt health care 3) being sued for everything under the sun, more people would hire. I could go out and buy a business but I will not in any manner based on the current business policies in this state or country until things change. ~

erikj3May. 4, 1211:32 PM

There is nothing more frustrating than applying for job after job and either getting a template rejection ("while your credentials are impressive, we've decided to pursue candidates who better match the requirements for this position"), or worse, not hearing anything at all. Meanwhile, employers are sitting on a trillion plus in cash, that they aren't putting to work. Of course, the real problem is that people don't have any money, because wages have flatlined for the last 30 years, while all productivity gains have gone into the bank accounts of the 1% (see: that trillion plus in cash). If this doesn't change soon, the American Dream will be dead (if it isn't already).

william2mnMay. 4, 1211:45 PM

We need to realize that middle class consumers drive job creation not employers. Employers hire people to meet demand its that simple. If you want to get spending going give middle income people tax breaks - not business and not the wealthy. If people buy products businesses will hire to meet the demand or a competitor will.

pdxtranMay. 4, 1211:47 PM

I would seriously suggest emigration for young people who are frustrated in their job searches. Those with teacher training or language skills can teach English overseas. There's a lot of demand for English classes for children overseas, and someone with an elementary education degree would be a perfect candidate. I know people for whom an English-teaching job has eventually led to jobs with foreign branches of U.S. and other companies.

Those who are interested in a specific country or group of countries should look at the Immigration Department website of that country and see if there are residence visas available for workers in their profession. I know someone who was admitted to Australia because of construction skills, for example, and someone else who was admitted to the UK because of they had a shortage of teachers in her subject.

Others may have the right ancestry to qualify for emigration to one of the European or Asian countries (usually a parent or grandparent).

This is not the only country where it's possible to live a good life.

huggybear28May. 4, 1211:48 PM

For those in college or who are going to college, it is a great political stunt that both parties want to lower student loan interest rates. It does not matter what interest rate you pay when you have no job to pay off your loans. I would rather have a job that pays well and has good benefits with the 6.8% interest rate on $30k in student loans over looking for part time jobs that keep you barely afloat and having a 3.4% interest rate.

huggybear28May. 4, 1211:59 PM

Student loans are going to hamper down this generation as many will be paying a mortgage payment (+$1000/month) for their loans. That means instead of buying a house, getting married, and starting a family many graduates will be stuck paying off their loans. I am not arguing for loan forgiveness or free college. The real problem is the cost of college. Instead of working to lower interest rates politicians need to reduce the cost of college. The goal should be to reduce the amount of student loans being taken out, not just lower the interest rate.

pompensteinMay. 4, 1211:59 PM

Maybe if these young punks didn't buy in to what out of touch liberal professors had to say, there would be a different president in office and this wouldn't be an issue. posted by no freelunch-------------------------Turn off Jason Lewis and grow up. The article says even her boyfriend who has technical training is struggling too. It's quite difficult for people 18-30 right now. Many of us will never be able to start a family or have a home because of this recession. None of us want to lay around and be given handouts. We want to work and get our adult lives started. At this rate, many of us will retire at 70 or 80. Show a little sympathy.

bobby9May. 5, 1212:05 AM

A friend of mine who attends shareholder meeting for Oracle told me that one of the big "wigs" commented that if he were going to give advice to a young person it would be to learn Mandarin other words the corporate powers of this once prosperous land have given up and moved on a long time ago....:(

mnmonkeyboyMay. 5, 1212:10 AM

When you can hire an employee in china or india for $1 an hour, it doesn't matter what taxes in the US are....emplyees here simply cost more.


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