Veto lengthens odds on Vikings stadium

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 7, 2012 - 1:09 PM

GOP legislators express dismay with Mark Dayton's axing of their tax cut bill.

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drudgemonkeyMay. 4, 1210:07 PM

Republicans enjoyed watching Pawlenty stick it to the DFL Legislature....well, turnabout is fair play. And it's still on you if the Vikings leave. Welcome to's called "hardball". Good luck in November.

avejoeconMay. 4, 1210:11 PM

Dayton wasted no time in vetoing the package of business tax cuts that Republicans considered their top priority, saying it would add to the hole in the coming budget and would not provide sufficient help to homeowners, farmers and renters.---------------------Gee, wonder what giving 1 Billion dollars to a Billionaire will do to the hole in the coming budget and if it would provide sufficient help to homeowners, farmera and renters.

ollie3May. 4, 1210:13 PM

First we were told that the Minneapolis contribution would be $330 million in upfront + maintenance costs. Last week there were stories in this paper saying the contribution from Minneapolis would be $675 million over the life of the lease, when interest on borrowing is figured in. Then a couple days ago it was revealed there's another provision in the deal that could raise the Minneapolis contribution to as high as $890 million. So why does Jim Ragsdale think he can deliberately lie and say Minneapolis is contributing only $150 million?

mn2niceMay. 4, 1210:16 PM

The posturing about there being "consequences" for Dayton's veto of the tax bill by Juliane Ortman this afternoon was pathetic. Well, I have news for her, there will be consequences alright, and it will be the Republicans loosing their jobs come November. The way they have handled the stadium issue was disgusting.

qwiksilverMay. 4, 1210:25 PM

The two issues are seperate and the GOP shouldn't let this tax bill affect their vote regarding the stadium. If they do it's out of retaliation rather than actually representing the people they're voted in to represent!!!

iliketobikeMay. 4, 1210:25 PM

Would a 40-0 playoff loss to the Giants look better in a new stadium? Would a new stadium make a loss to the Falcons after going 15-0 more palatable?

HeiksMay. 4, 1210:31 PM

The governor did nothing but veto everything and expects that not to affect the stadium bill? Really..I thought he was dumb but not quite that dumb. The failure of the stadium will be his alone

urushmaMay. 4, 1210:35 PM

The spitefulness of some legislators is disgusting and disturbing. The stadium bills are authored by GOP members. Yet, the GOP "leaders" claim this is Dayton's priority. If this opportunity is lost because of political shenanigans, it would be another shameful and embarrassing moment for this legislature.. namely Senjem & Zellers who are letting their political and personal feelings for Governor Dayton get in the way. They have expressed stadium support in the past but now days before the vote, express bitterness and contempt. Grow up boys and vote for what you believe is best for the citizens of Minnesota.

jaybarMay. 4, 1210:36 PM

Glad to see the Strib's poll shows an overwhelming 71% (currently) wanting their legislator to vote YES on the stadium bill Monday. Let's get this thing done! Go VIKES!!!

furguson11May. 4, 1210:38 PM

The GOP will be blamed for losing the Vikings


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