Rep. Keith Ellison: Safe zones needed on Syria's borders

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  • Updated: May 6, 2012 - 10:02 PM
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akmscottMay. 6, 1210:22 PM

Was this guy elected to represent the people of Minnesota or be a Muslim ambassador?Don't see a thing coming from him with problems in his own state!

musicmouseMay. 7, 12 7:01 AM

That mediation efforts until now have been unsuccessful is mainly the fault of the opposition that at several opportunities has refused to talk with Assad. Even now we see the opposition using the truce as an opportunity to organize a "peaceful" coup while they haven't shown any inclination to negotiate yet. Mr. Ellison will be well aware that no self-respecting government will allow itself to be overthrown by demonstrations and sabotage: that would be street or mob rule and lead to anarchy. I don't know where mr. Ellison found the figure of 17,000 killed. It can't be at the UN as that has the estimate of 9,000. And a considerable part of those were killed by the opposition. Mr. Ellison thinks we acted wise in Libya. But our intervention led to the death of 30,000 people, much more than even the most pessimist expected Gaddafi to kill. Assad has introduced several reforms and shown himself ready to negotiations. Shortly after the uprising began he released nearly all political prisoners, showing that he was serious about change. Many Christians, Alawites and other minorities have been cleansed from rebel held territories. Establishing a safe - read rebel-controlled - area would greatly increase that number. We have the responsibility to protect. But that is no excuse for "humantarian" mass murder as we saw in Libya or "humanitarian" ethnic cleansing as we saw in Kosovo where under the eyes of NATO some 230,000 people (mostly Roma) were cleansed. If mr. Ellison really wants to help Syria he should pressure its opposition to become real about negotiations and compromise.

RalphMMay. 7, 12 8:22 AM

I think Ellison should move to Syria and be their advisory. Win Win..we finally get to elect someone who will represent us, and they get him.

obamapuppetMay. 7, 12 2:06 PM

Keith, What about a "safe zone" for Americans? You know, the people here in our country? The country that has giant unemployment, five plus trillion in additional deficits in less than four years, a credit downgrade (first time in our history), declining home values, declining dollar, multiple wars...... FOCUS ON WHATS BEST FOR AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!! When you clowns repair the damage that YOU'VE done, we can look at helping others.

wtfwaldoMay. 7, 12 4:23 PM

As my Representative in Congress, I expect Keith to be spending much of his time in Syria and other hot spots in the Middle East. As the only Muslim Congressmen, he is the ONLY one who has the authority, credibility, and intimate knowledge of how Islam should play out to the rest of the world. He needs to be meeting with Assar and the Mullah's of Iran and let them know in no uncertain terms that the Koran does not teach this kind of behavior, and that if they are atone for their sins, they will need to honor Allah and respect other people, let women drive and work and attend school, and leave the non Muslim's alone. He is the ONLY American who can carry this message to the Mullah's and Assar, as well as Hamas and Hezbollah. Why he isn't already on a flight to the Middle East is beyond me. His staff can go with him, and blog about the events he's influencing, and perhaps he'll win a Nobel PRize by bringing Shia and Sunni's together towards a new Americanized version of Islam that we all can applaud.

coolioarabMay. 7, 1210:42 PM

Thank you Congressman Ellison for your concern about the people of Syria. Keith has been an advocate for human rights since he was elected to the congress.And yes, he can serve the people of Minnesota and care about human rights outside the US at the same time.

justthefactsMay. 9, 1211:17 PM

It's a bit odd that Keith Ellison is channeling Samantha Power's theories on "Responsibility to Protect" that served as cover for NATO's bombing of Libya seeking regime change. Just last week Rep. Ellison was on a panel with Professor Trita Parsi who advised that various foreign powers had hijacked the Syrian resistance and other powers were backing Assad. Parsi said he feared the various foreign country involvement would turn the situation into a civil war.

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