You're entitled -- that's the American way

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  • Updated: May 5, 2012 - 5:07 PM
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kvarnoldMay. 5, 12 5:31 PM

I can see already this writer is going to get slammed from the right for his comments. I would like to preempt some of this by this simple proposal: all of the conservatives elected in the last great sweep should propose to give up the entitlements they get automatically when they are elected. This would extend to ALL members of congress. Their benefits would be for their duration of service only, to be passed on to their replacement when they leave office. When I see this proposed, to end the lifetime entitlements they get, this will be a strong sign they are serious about this issue. Their credibility will be greatly enhanced...on both sides of the aisle.

carodun133May. 5, 12 5:46 PM

A studied showed that two unfunded wars and Bush's tax cuts caused most of the debt? Oh how funny? That wouldn't be from a far left group of economist, would it be? Two unfunded wars which cost, on average 120 billion a year? Bush tax cuts which cost what? If you're a liberal you say tax cuts cost money, If you're a conservative you say tax cuts actually make money and the HISTORY is on the side of the conservatives, sorry lefties. Now Medicare costs for just one year is over $1 Trillion dollars. So JUST WHAT IS CAUSING THE DEBT IN THIS COUNTRY? Four of the top 5 spending programs are Democratically created social programs that make up over 65% of the spending in the Federal Budget and is eating up more and more of the Budget each year and 2 unfunded wars and the Bush Tax cuts caused the deficits how? Me thinks this writer is full of the brown stuff or took the liberal course in economics in which liberalism is 98% of the course and economics is 2% of the course.

threedogniteMay. 5, 12 6:24 PM

Common sense would tell you that since the government has no money and must take it from others that supporting business is the only answer. Face it - you already have 49.5% of filers (not citizens) not paying any net FIT and a large percentage of those are over the poverty line making up to 100K per year.

The only reason to have more entitlements is so that Democrats can buy votes. There was a time when buying votes was illegal but the practice continues.

hobie2May. 5, 12 6:36 PM

When Reagan beat Carter, several then said the age of entitlement had begun - Those who were there remember Reagan's constant polarized entitlement theme of "You are ENTITLED to more from your government." as he pointed at the Federal government's "spending on welfare entitlements" - (Fed spending on "welfare" were all Veteran's benefits then)... Gingrich and his conservative ilk came along and whined their way into office crying "You are ENTITLED to a government that gets things done." - after 8 years of Reagan's pandering and the GOP right just saying no under Bush 1... Fox news lives on telling the right they are ENTITLED to something for their taxes and "patriotism".. every other word has the theme "someone is taking YOUR tax dollars and taking your entitlement"... The conservative right leadership has pushed the entitlement button for power, because that button makes people angry when someone gets something they don't with a mob shouting that they didn't get it "fairly" - be it witches in the dark ages, foreigners in ancient times, or "those people" at which the right point fingers... It was said back when Reagan came in that the next generations will learn to think that they are entitled to something more than death, taxes, and what they can make of life for themselves... And the right has fulfilled that prophecy. They take it as truth that they are entitled to fair, to more, and to moral superiority.

hobie2May. 5, 12 6:44 PM

--"Now Medicare costs for just one year is over $1 Trillion dollars. So JUST WHAT IS CAUSING THE DEBT IN THIS COUNTRY?".. Hate to burst your bubble -- nearly all of Medicare is paid for by FICA and seniors insurance participation on a pay as you go basis - so how does one get debt on that which is already paid for? Medicare could cost $20 Trillion a year, but as long as it is paid for, there is no debt from it... You might as well argue that the US spends $5 trillion a year cash on groceries and ask "WHAT IS CAUSING THE DEBT IN THIS COUNTRY?"... In this universe, that which is already paid for does not cause debt.

arielbenderMay. 5, 12 6:44 PM

Nice try carodun133. The Bush tax cuts alone are nearly 3 trillion. The wars have cost 1.25 trillion and tack on another 500 billion for the medicaid drug plan.

threedogniteMay. 5, 12 6:52 PM

"A studied showed that two unfunded wars and Bush's tax cuts caused most of the debt?"

Fact: CBO - 8 years in Iraq = 760 billion. Failed stimulus 840 billion.

Fact: Defense is a primary role of government. Redistribution of income is not.

Fact: Wars end. Entitlements and expanded government programs never end.

threedogniteMay. 5, 12 6:58 PM

Nice try arielbender - The Bush tax cuts came to 1.5 trillion. The Bush tax cuts expired in 2010. Obama owns the rest.

The cost of both Iraq and Afghanistan through 2011 was $1.26 trillion and the Medicare prescription drug program totaled $272 billion.

Liberals say they believe the CBO numbers on ObamaCare so they must believe all CBO numbers. As you said, nice try!

goferfanzMay. 5, 12 9:36 PM

America has lost its way as a country. Every able body person from 20-65 should do work of some type. That is common sense 101. Unfortunately, our society enables tens of millions to avoid work, and our govt is currently committed to stifling economic growth for many others seeking jobs.

bigleftyMay. 6, 12 5:20 AM

"It's in our individualistic American DNA to favor initiative over entitlement." ---- great sentence. Unfortunately it could not be farther from the truth for a growing number of Americans. It really has become sad. What values have parents been teaching their children over the last 40 years?


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