Monday is D-Day for the stadium

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON and MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: May 4, 2012 - 12:34 AM

Dayton-backed proposal is up for a deciding vote after GOP alternative falls apart. Summary.

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gophersfan89May. 3, 1210:19 PM

It's about time that the Republicans stopped holding it ransom and allowed it to be put toward a vote. It's a win-win as far as I see it...if the Vikings get the stadium then we hold onto our football team. If they don't get the stadium and the Vikings leave, then all the Republican legislators who voted against it will be filing for unemployment.

minnguy34May. 3, 1210:23 PM

Take away: Gov. Dayton was quoted as being against using bonding for the stadium, since that would use taxes and he knows the public would not approve of a stadium if it used taxes. Reality check: Government revenue is fungible. A new form of income for the government can be used for any purpose. Gamblers are not going to gamble more because they like the Vikings. The new revenue from electronic pull tabs, small that they may be would reduce taxes if the money wasn't given to Zigi. The Governor was correct, the public does not want government money used to finance a privately owned game. Thank God we have the MNGOP, and I am a Democrat.

richard44May. 3, 1210:26 PM

If the Stadium plan fails Monday, VOTE OUT EVERY legistlator who votes NO! Take no prisoners. Too much is at stake for the future of MN. Yes, there are serious flaws with the final stadium Plan, something for everyone to hate. But these shortcomings will pale in comparison to the tradgedy of having the Vikings pack up for LA.

geezer65May. 3, 1210:30 PM

No. It's a word that I've had to tell my kids when they wanted something they didn't need or was too expensive. Now it's time for our legislators to say no to Zygi. KILL THE BILL!

tbot2000May. 3, 1210:37 PM

Here you have it folks. If a stadium bill doesn't pass, it's the repubs fault. plain and simple. once again, the repubs ruin everything this once great state stood for.

jpryceMay. 3, 1210:39 PM

I'm not a supporter of Zellers, but I applaud him on his decision to not vote for the Vikings Stadium. This is not a good deal for the state, and it's even a worse deal for Minneapolis. I love the article that came out earlier today with pro-stadium Larry Spooner bragging how he brings his propane grill, ribs, special sauce and beer on Sundays to tailgate in a parking lot in Minneapolis before attending the game. Apparently, Larry does not understand or care that Minneapolis is relying on taxes collected on food and drinks from Minneapolis restaurants and bars to pay the 675 Million dollars Minneapolis has agreed to contribute to the stadium. If this deal goes through, Minneapolis will be bankrupt and begging the state for a bailout in 5 years or less because the pro-stadium folks are not committed to spending enough money in Minneapolis to pay for this stadium.

harrisstevenMay. 3, 1210:40 PM

So Rosen is listening to face painters advise her on how to spend other people's money??

gop2darkagesMay. 3, 1210:45 PM

...Zellers ... said he would not support the plan that one of his own members has worked on for months and would not ask others to support it. Instead, Zellers said it is up to DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and the Vikings to secure the votes needed to build a stadium.

Stated like a visionary leader or the sniveling, petulant child you already suspected will be the defining measure of Zellers' term as Speaker?

Witness, in contrast, the high road forward view from a Republican leader in the other house of the Legislature: "Sen. Julie Rosen, chief author of the stadium proposal, said in a statement that the bill is the product of 18 months of bipartisan work and five Senate hearings. It remains, she said, 'the best and most thorough plan for the state of Minnesota.'"

BarryBenMay. 3, 1210:52 PM

They'll want a new Stadium in 30 years, because they'll have Moon envy because some team built one on the Moon....It never ends.....

erikj3May. 3, 1210:59 PM

No, no, NO WILFCARE! This whole debate is over a completely unnecessary stadium for an out of state billionaire that will primarily be financed by taxpayers (probably using completely immoral and unreliable funding streams like a racino and electronic pulltabs). Any legislator who votes for this should be booted out of office in November!


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