Hartman: Wilfs have several ties to California

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 3, 2012 - 10:59 PM

Had Glen Taylor gained control of the Vikings in 1998, the NFL team's place here would be a lot more secure.

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erikj3May. 3, 1210:19 PM

No need for Wilf to feel frustrated that he hasn't been able to get taxpayers to fund his new playground: HE CAN JUST BUILD ONE HIMSELF! Or, he could remodel the Dome. Or, the Queens could play in TCF Field. Plenty of pro sports teams share stadiums, there is no law that says that teams need to have their own. And if Wilf (and the NFL and Tarzhay et al) don't want to pay for the stadium, let them leave. We still have 3 pro sports teams (including one with their own brand spanking new stadium).

northstars91May. 3, 1211:00 PM

It's absolutely absurd that the Vikings are not owned via public stock offering by Minnesotan's want to invest in the team. The model certainly has worked well for the Green Bay Packers who are owned by their fans! The last decade of Viking football has been awful knowing that our team has been held hostage to out of state billionaire owners from TX and NY. What sense does it make to have the so-called 'Minnesota' Vikings owned by someone from out of state? And to think that we are so stupid that we would actually build a new billion dollar stadium with out first putting a plan in place that would eventually turn Viking ownership over to Minnesota Viking fans willing to purchase ownership. The lack of vision and common sense by leaders around here is so embarrassing.

thedingerMay. 3, 1211:32 PM

I cannot take anything that Sid says at his word. Sid is so beholden to the Twins and Vikings ownerships that his reporting is unabashedly biased.

lakevilleguyMay. 3, 1211:38 PM

I love ya Sid, but I'm convinced if the public was paying the full $1B and taking the money from schools, roads, and poor people you'd still be shilling for it, along with Larry Spooner and the other get 'er done people. Nobody wants the Vikes to leave, but some of us don't want a bad deal forced on us thru coercion.

fanman505May. 3, 1211:55 PM

Sid hits the nail on the head in the last paragraph: Minnesotans will inevitably pay MORE to build a stadium to lure a team after the Vikings leave. Everything now is just political rhetoric and posturing by legislators seeking to appear fiscally conservative on a hot button public issue but those same legislators will be cooking up plans for publicly funding a new stadium or at least a major Dome renovation within a few years of the Vikings departure. So sad and shortsighted... I don't really want to see more purple and gold in LA.

rshacklefordMay. 4, 1212:02 AM

"I know how frustrated the members of the Wilf family are because the Twins and Gophers got stadiums while they have been left in the cold." ---- Those who arrive late to the game usually lose. And, the runt of the litter usually has a harder time acquiring resources.

northstars91May. 4, 1212:40 AM

I'm absolutely at a loss to understand why people would oppose the Vikings being a public owned company? At the same time, most people strongly oppose public subsidies to billionaires. And yet, who would you trust my in owning the team? A billionaire from NY or a bunch of Viking fans? Whine and complain about subsidies for billionaire's but in the end it's all about protecting the billionaire owner as we obviously wouldn't want to upset him. People in this state are hopelessly brain dead and lack any common sense. Of course the model doesn't work over in Green Bay! Enjoy being owned! Hostages!

tmwinkel1May. 4, 1212:41 AM

rshackleford May. 4, 12 12:02 AM ..."Those who arrive late to the game usually lose. And, the runt of the litter usually has a harder time acquiring resources: //////////// HUH? This "runt" (as you say) is the most popular team in the state. Oh, you mean because they are not playing well. Name a SINGLE team that has never gone through cycles (minus the Globetrotters) It's a simple fact of sports. "Arrive late"? They have been on the stadium offensive (which the dome is) for over 10 years. The delay in approval has zero to do with the team and public interest. This is simple Minnesota politics. Immature children running the state! Listen to Zellers interview from Barreiro and tell me Zellers (and the all other elected officials) aren’t children!

JABACABMay. 4, 12 4:58 AM

Not a cold omaha...A COLDER OMAHA.

mnfanintampaMay. 4, 12 5:57 AM

The stadium is a no brainer. Extended over 25 years the cost is tiny compared to all of the excess spending on government programs and projects that do not generate tax dollars or create jobs. Unfortunately, Minnesota has too many short sided people like "erikj3".


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