Accretive blasts Minnesota AG for Fairview report

  • Article by: MAURA LERNER and TONY KENNEDY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 3, 2012 - 11:11 AM

The consulting firm says the attorney general misused information it provided for a January lawsuit.

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andybobolsonMay. 2, 12 9:38 PM

Kudos to Swanson for taking on predatory businesses. Not all states are so lucky to have an AG who is on the side of average citizens.

danielfbooneMay. 2, 1210:06 PM

"One of the Fairview officials, Dr. Dave Moen, also owned stock in the collection firm, Accretive Health Inc. His son, 24-year-old Sam Moen, works for Accretive and helped implement the high-pressure strategies that Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson blasted this week, documents show. Fairview's CEO, Mark Eustis, also has a son who works for Accretive." What part of this previous story is not true, in dispute, or should the Attorney General have kept hidden from Minnesotans?

faustusMay. 2, 1210:19 PM

That's a powerful combination of sympathetic characters that Accretive presents: lawyers and aggressive bill collectors who try to collar patients, who are in agony in the ER, to whip-out a credit card and pay up-front. With a couple of lawyers in my own family, I've heard the "pound on the table" story that A.G. Swanson tells in this story. I think more to the point for this story, though, is the joke about seeing road-kill on the highway: how do you know if it's an animal or a lawyer? If it's an animal, there will be tire skid marks. The "Seccretive" lawyer rants about their desire to help patients, help people without insurance to get insurance, help to lower health-care costs ... the only analogy that exists between Accretive (and their minions) and health care is that they are a suppurating boil on the buttocks of humanity - and thank God "Dr. Swanson" is using a lancet to drain the fetid pus and start the healing. You GO, A.G.!

donnynelsonMay. 2, 1210:39 PM

What is it going to take to get us angry enough to demand a single payer system? think about what our "sickness treatment industry" is doing to our society?

lkh1976May. 2, 1210:51 PM

People need to look at the actual 7 page letter, and 6 part report by Lori Swanson, this is not about consumer right. I believed that's what Lori Swanson wants public to believe that she is fighting for the consumer in her mind...This is about technology called QTCC that Accretive Health is doing to help cost of health care down by dealing with insurance companies to bring the costs of health care down for the patients and the hospitals. In reality it's gives health care costs control back to the Physicans and the hospitals, and Lori Swanson does not want this system, and she made the decisions for the people of Minnesota with the help of this so called "media blitz", and in return Fairview had no option but to give it up. We the public is still talking about something else...this Lori Swanson, she is really something else ...This is all done in the name of protecting consumer.

thinkpadMay. 2, 1211:24 PM

I'm not typically a big dem supporter, but this is what a state AG is supposed to do. The sad part is, I worry that Ms. Swanson may be tapped to move on to bigger and better AG of the US. We need someone like her in every state. She's one of the best AG's I have ever seen.

jackhamMay. 2, 1211:56 PM

As longtime Fairview Employee, I'm disgraced that they had 2 inside guys with Fairview son's working for Accretive, this was not public knowlege and no one knew about this. I really think this should be investigated further hearing this as Fairview has too many overpaid "Chiefs" that are simply meeting goers and come up with dumb ideas such as bring on Accretive to go with the struggling "Indian" that are given way more then their original job responsibilites and not compensated properly. I personally have been given 3 other departments work to take on because they refuse to hire employees to fit the needs of the business. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this as more dirt will come out. The only time we hear from Eustis is when a major problem like this occurs and of course thats just PR control, nothing inciteful..

gjacobMay. 3, 1212:33 AM

Their defense is "how dare you expose our illegal activities?". Hmmm, maybe that is because it is the job of the AG to do just that. Regardless if they sent her documents, once a crime is reveled, it is in the public's best interest to expose it and sue for damages.

lkh1976May. 3, 1212:47 AM

We have 49 billion unpaid medical bills in this country just from 2011, and it 's not going to get any better...we came so far from singing of Mdicare and Medicad under title of XIX of the Social Secruity Act of 1965. Today, our health care is brink of shutting down, one payer system is not going to happen in this country....we need new ideas, and shutting the door to a company, who is trying to bring new ideas like QTCC is not going to get us out of the health care crisis in this country. Do your own research on reputations and ideas of Accretive Health, and then talk...

lkh1976May. 3, 12 2:20 AM

gjacob, please search, the lawsuit filed in United State District Court in Minnesota then talk. First , regard to stolen password-protected laptop, under HIPAA and the Minnesota Health Records Act, company cannot be held liable for the unforeseeable criminal act of a third party stealing a corporate laptop. Second, February 3, 2012, Accretive Health entered into a Consent Order with the Minnesota Department of Commerce to address its debt collection practice in Minnesota. Third, consumer fraud claim is about Accretive Health's Quality Total Cost of Care ("QTCC "). Lori Swanson, attorney general of Minnesota, her allegation of Accretive Health came out April 24, 2012. This allegation is about technology called QTCC. Still the public is mad about debt collection practice in Minnesota which Accretive Health entered into a Consent Order on February 3, 2012. Some people are Still talking about their debt collection practice.. It is only 10% of their business, and yet some people have been misinform about them. They are consulting company.


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