Republicans throw a big curve with 'roof-ready’ stadium plan

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON and MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 2, 2012 - 5:54 AM

"Roof-ready'' proposal catches Dayton, some Republicans off-guard.

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doots799May. 1, 1210:14 PM

Can we just drop the stadium talk already? We don't have the funds.

westarMay. 1, 1210:16 PM

There is nothing straightforward about anything the Repubs do

vikesriv91May. 1, 1210:21 PM

@Doots - do you have any idea what will happen to east Minneapolis if we let the Vikings leave??? The majority of the proposed money should come from gaming /gambling anyway.

sharkysharkMay. 1, 1210:29 PM

Any money for something like this should be part of the bonding request. Should be no problem getting the required 2/3 majority for something so critical to our way of life as another new stadium to replace the perfectly good one that is already on the site.

Guppy35May. 1, 1210:31 PM

While the cost is painful, it still comes down to pay for it now, or pay more for it later. A lot of folks heads will be on the platter if the Vikings leave. It is what it is. Do we really want to go through that kind of pain only to be begging for a team down the line and paying twice as much to try and get one back? Yeah it's blackmail in many ways, but it's how it works. It's time to get it done as painful as it may be.

paulprobstMay. 1, 1210:37 PM

These folks representing Republicans and not Minnesota are on their own planet. They just don't know how to get things done the way the major players want to. They must be part of the Tea party jamming on the rest of us. It's "their selfish road or the highway." Without a convertible roof they are totally obviating vis-a-vis their stadium idea away from a multipurpose venue that helps the whole state. If you haven't noticed MN and the rest of the Country is on the rise. These Republicans want to save their way to prosperity and in doing so stunt Minnesota's growth amongst other 1st Class Cities that have already added to their NFL owners funds to build their stadiums.

engineer64May. 1, 1210:40 PM

All these plans, why not just focus on what we have in place? There is a clear "no new taxes"...and a "no new casino" proposal which will pay for the stadium. In short, require to pay their state sales tax to operate in MN. The Texas legislature just got Amazon to collect sales tax and it will lead to more than $200 million each year. Not a new tax, just an uncollected tax that our feeble MN legislature fails to recognize. Turns out MN loses about 50 million each year in lost sales tax to which at the same time is killing local MN businesses which actually employ citizens in our community. The sales tax is actually in our current state tax law, but we do not collect it. (BTW: Amazon is only 20% of the tax, as there are others.) Just think, no new taxes, 50 million each year... 400 million $ commitment to a stadium paid off in 8 years. Then we can call it Fighting for Minnesota Small Business Stadium honoring the unheralded segment of our business sector which employs the vast majority of people in MN. Small Business Minnesota!

SHLMay. 1, 1210:42 PM

No roof no Super Bowl! Quit playing games! Mr. Lanning is the only one with any brains in the republican party.

jeffkocurMay. 1, 1210:43 PM

Let's be clear about this. This proposal borrows money that will need to be repaid from the general fund at the cost of something else down the road. It will also kick the can down the road for future legislatures and guarantee another ten years of bickering over how we pay for the roof.

drudgemonkeyMay. 1, 1210:43 PM

The effect is the same as voting "no" to first proposal, or not voting at all. Face saving move by Republicans. Just like Jesse Ventura's 2002 Twins stadium plan...even it passes, no stadium will be built. LA beckons for Zygi, with a $1B purchase price for Vikings.


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